Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tips For Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

Happy first day of Summer 2018! Summer brings about so much fun, like travel. And this season may be your first experience abroad ... like really abroad on a long-haul flight. While jumping on a plane and going wherever the winds may take you sounds amazing (and it is!), it can be a little challenging on the comfort side of life. Sometimes the journey there is absolutely NOT part of the fun!

We’ve traveled all over the world and have had the best and worst experiences. Over the years, we learned how to handle long-haul flight travel and with vacation season upon us, it’s time to share our hard learned tips with TME readers. If you have the luxury of doing so, three to five days prior to embarking on a vacation in a different time zone get your body on schedule with your destination. This is the easiest way to beat jet lag and save yourself from wasting 24-hours or more trying to get your body clock adjusted. Now that we have that covered, what about the flight itself?

For those wishing to sleep:
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Do not consume caffeine
  • Hydrate with water
  • Eat a light meal before you board
  • Invest in a Mosaic Weighted Blanket and Noise Canceling headphones
  • Choose a window seat
  • Avoid the seats at the very front and very back of the plane
  • If you can swing it, invest in a premium ticket 

For those looking to pass the time:
  • Long flights are a fabulous time to do some spa treatments like a hydrating face and hand mask, as air travel is notoriously dehydrating
  • A 12-hour flight is the perfect time to catch up on thank you notes and other handwritten correspondence
  • If you’re traveling to a new destination, brush up on a few local phrases -- such as proper greetings
  • Even if you have no desire to sleep, bring a set of Noise Canceling headphones … trust us on this one.

~xo Bon Voyage! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kristen Bell Get The Look and Summer Hair Health 101

Summer Is Here! Okay, well actually not until like 6:07 am EST tomorrow, June 21. But we have some amazing tips for a chic and easy summer hair look from celebrity hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, as well as rock star summer hair care tips from renowned dermatologist Dr. Joyce DavisTo start, let’s focus on Kristen’s look! Dimitris used ECRU New York to give Kristen an updated classic style for the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards on June 16th.

“For Kristen’s look I wanted to do something modern and polished because of her edgy dress. I decided to go with a low sleek middle-parted ponytail. I added just one element at the end using black electric tape to create a leather band look!

I prepped the damp hair using my favorite Marine Thickening Balm from ECRU New York and then I blow-dried the hair with a large round brush. Next, I added the amazing Silk Nectar Serum. This protects the hair from the heat so that there are no split ends and it doesn’t make the hair heavy at all! I just love it! After, I flat-ironed the hair in small sections.

I gave her a very strict middle-part, and then I sprayed a flat brush with the Sunlight Styling Spray and brushed the hair to the neckline. I used an elastic band with 2 hooks to secure the ponytail and then I wrapped the black electric tape around it so it felt and looked like a leather band.  I sprayed the end of a toothbrush with the Sunlight Styling Spray to make sure there are no wisps or fly away pieces on the hairline. Lastly, I used the Silk Nectar Serum on the pony for a soft and shiny look!” -Dimitris Giannetos

How easy is that?!? This is sort of the perfect summer style that crosses ultra-chic with summer comfort. But, what happens if you’re a mere mortal and have misbehavin’ summer hair? Like many of us who color our hair, it’s a challenge to keep the rich color and highlights that we worked so hard (and spent so much money!) to maintain. That’s why we turned to Clairol’s dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Davis, for her expert tips on keeping your scalp and hair color happy and healthy all summer long.

Dr. Davis’ Top Tips:

  1. Shampoo less often: In the warmer months, our skin goes into oil overdrive, which gives the illusion of greasy strands. To counteract this, our first impulse is to shampoo more often. This is a scalp and color no-no, says Dr. Davis, since it causes your scalp to get dried out and itchy, as you’re eliminating the hair’s natural oils that nourish the scalp and hair. Additionally, excessively shampooing your hair causes the color to fade, with the need to color your hair arising sooner than usual. As we all know, coloring hair too often causes hair to become damaged and brittle; so, try to shampoo twice a week, max.
  2. Protect yourself: We all love tanning under the warm summer sun (preferably with a marg in hand!), but the sun is actually your hair and scalp’s worst enemy.  While the sun is great for getting a few highlights, Dr. Davis says it’s actually detrimental to those who color their hair as it fades the color at the roots and burns the scalp. This results in over-coloring your hair, since the need to blend your color becomes more apparent, in addition to dried out skin and dandruff. Dr. Davis recommends wearing a hat, spraying your roots with some SPF or staying under an umbrella. If looking for a healthy hair color option, Dr. Davis recommends Clariol’s Nice’n Easy -the formula actually makes hair healthy after you color, thanks to its EDDS technology, which provides conditioning in every step!
  3. Rinse your hair… with water before jumping in the pool, to minimize chlorine damage to your strands and your scalp. Chlorine not only fades color and can even cause color to change completely, it’s super harsh on your scalp, causing irritation and dryness. Since hair is very porous, thoroughly rinsing your hair with non-chlorinated water causes the hair to absorb clean, healthy water, as opposed to chlorinated, chemically-charged pool water that breaks down hair and results in faded color, split ends and itchiness.

In an effort to maintain rich color, a healthy scalp and hydrated hair, Dr. Davis says that it’s vital to find a hair color that keeps up with your summer routine. She recommends using Clairol’s Nice’n Easy as a tool to achieve beautiful color without compromising on your hair’s health; it’s non-drip crème formula is super easy to use at home and the formula protects your scalp from the risk of an allergic reaction (which is the last thing you want on top of all the harmful summer effects!).

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Celebrate National Pink Day from Your Lips to Your Hair

Oh yes, there’s a holiday for everything! And we will happily celebrate this one… any excuse to wear pink right? So, what is National Pink Day? National Pink Day is observed annually on June 23rd (this Saturday) and it’s a day that is set aside for the color pink and all it represents. We found a few fun and inexpensive products, from COVERGIRL and Clairol, to help you celebrate on of the silliest but funniest holidays of the year!

COVERGIRL’s NEW Exhibitionist Lipstick in shades like Bombshell Pink, Enchantress and Spellbound are the perfect hues to show your support for the day, while Clairol’s Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Rose Gold and Semi-permanent in Flamingo will give your hair the perfect pink pop! Feeling super bold? Add COVERGIRL’s NEW truNaked Peach Punch Palette to your look to rock bold pink eyes. By the way, the palette smells delicious.

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lipstick ($6)
  • Highly pigmented color payout
  • Rich color in one swipe
  • Leaves lips feeling moisturized and soft
  • Glides on smoothly

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color in Flamingo ($9)

Mermaid hair, unicorn streaks and all over bold color are now achievable for all with eleven shades that are visible on blonde, brunette and bleached hair. The mix of shades was chosen to provide a full palette of options across the color spectrum. Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color gradually fades on tone, true to color wash-after-wash, lasting 15+ shampoos.

COVERGIRL truNaked Peach Punch Palette ($10)

The popular truNaked collection is back with a new scented palette with colors inspired by the hottest and best-selling palettes in prestige. Scent included for an irresistible sensorial experience!

  • Intensely pigmented shadows offer rich payout
  • Smooth, blendable application with different finishes: matte and shimmer

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Rose Gold ($9)

The innovative formula in Color Crave Hair Makeup is backed by science and technology inspired by nature. A washable hair makeup option for achieving on-trend looks features 3D micro-crystals that temporarily bond to the hair’s surface and coat each strand. The formula boasts a healthier alternative to permanent color thanks to no ammonia, no peroxide and no parabens.

All COVERGIRL and Clairol are available at mass retailers nationwide. Oh, by the way tomorrow is the first day of Summer 2018 and you might want to check out out Summer Beauty Section for the best tips on how to stay cool and look amazing! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Six Quick Tips For Feeling Fresh From Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline

No doubt that we all love summer, or that Summer 2018 is promising to be both the best yet, and the purveyor of Humidgeddon! Yesterday, and today already, are certainly proving that June is acting like August! We here at The Makeup Examiner however happen to be very fortunate to have access to the best in the business and their amazing tips for weathering any type of weather. 

For instance, Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline -- who has styled A-list celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, Jessica Lange and Eva Mendes and helped them to feel their freshest whether they are on location or hanging casually -- has availed herself to Team TME to offer up the best tips to help us enjoy the most of summer fun. Yes, Negar is passing along sage advice that is quick, easy, and guaranteed to keep us looking and feeling fresh all of Summer 2018!

Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline

Negar’s Summertime Tips:

Tip One: Smooth It Out! - Spring forward with extra smooth skin! Mix crushed aspirin, honey and water to exfoliate and remove that pesky bikini rash.

Tip Two: Add A Scarf - For hot summer days, have a go-to silk scarf on hand for a quick and stylish updo. This will keep you cool and gives you the perfect opportunity to test out a new ‘do.

Tip Three: De-Puff Your Eyes - Beat the puff by refrigerating a raw sliced potato and laying the cool slice on your eyes to get that fresh-faced look back after a long summer night.

Tip Four: Don't Sweat It - Don’t let sweat stains ruin that perfect outfit! By spraying your clothes with lemon juice before each wash you can eliminate those pesky stains.

Tip Five: Refresh Yourself - For those unbearable summer heat waves, refresh your skin with a tomato-based scrub. Tomato naturally cools skin down leaving your skin feeling renewed after a harsh day in the sun.

Tip Six: Stay Fresh And Confident - Confidence is the best accessory for any look, whether you’re on-set or going out on the town. Wear Carefree Acti-fresh daily liners to help you feeling fresh and confident, while keeping your underwear clean, dry, and flawless.

Need more tips on Summertime Beauty? Check out The Makeup Examiner's Summer Beauty section! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Skincare Solutions For Eczema, Psoriasis and Sensitive Skin from Dr. Ranella Hirsch

This Article First Appeared On The Makeup Examiner May 2016

For those that suffer from skin issues like eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin, summertime can bring a set of very unique problems. Any skin condition can make us feel unattractive and while those with skin conditions such as acne may feel self-conscious, society general knows what those bumps are. The same cannot be said for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Despite that over 30 million Americans suffer from the aforementioned skin disorders, many people don’t have a clue about the rough, inflamed and sometimes blistering skin patches that occur during an eczema or psoriasis flare up. To help us understand more about our skin and tackle the unique summertime challenges of eczematous and psoriasis skin, The Makeup Examiner turned to Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch.

Called an “Expert Derm” by Allure and a “Beauty Guru” by Marie Clare, Dr. Hirsch is a frequently quoted expert in the fields of cosmetic and laser dermatology. Due to her unique expertise in the areas of skin care development and laser-skin interactions, Dr. Hirsch is highly sought after as an expert. Dr. Hirsch is the author of several articles and book chapters on the subject of injectable neurotoxins and other dermal fillers. McGraw-Hill released her most recent textbook, “Aesthetic Regional Rejuvenation”.

The Makeup Examiner: What causes dry skin?

Dr. Ranella Hirsch: There are a multitude of causes in addition to some people having a genetic predisposition. Contributing factors can include the weather, humidity, bathing habits, and using skincare products that are too harsh or any combination of these.

TME: What’s the difference between severely dry skin and eczema or psoriasis?

Dr. Hirsch: There is some overlap in symptoms but generally eczema refers to a hereditary condition of dry skin known to wax and wane. For some people there are also certain allergic tendencies along with it.

TME: Summer brings skin-baring clothes. For those of us that suffer with skin issues, what can we do to prepare our skin for the summer?

Dr. Hirsch: Prevention is key. Think about sun protection appropriate to your level of activity, so as an example, look for something labeled for an active person if you will be outside in the heat. With other conditions, such as dry or oily skin, think about getting ahead of the curve. Look for products that help keep dry skin well hydrated, [look for] products that are specifically formulated for extremely dry, compromised skin.  For oily skin, look for products in a gel form that are labeled as mattifying.

TME: For those of us with severely dry skin or eczema, is it possible to “overdo it” with the moisturizer?

Dr. Hirsch: Interesting question! I suppose it would be theoretically possible to use SO much of something SO heavy that you could get break outs, but it would be difficult. As a general rule, best practice with dry skin is leaving the skin damp and then applying a product to seal in the moisture.

TME: Shaving and summer go hand-in-hand and shaving can exacerbate existing skin issues. What’s the best way for us to approach shaving?

Dr. Hirsch: Shaving brings with it both good and potential for challenges so it’s helpful to get it right. When done properly, on well-lubricated legs, which have had time for the hair to soften, it is a great form of exfoliation. In fact, a great beauty trick is to shave as a way to prep for applying self-tanner. However, shaving dry skin can cause it to become very irritated especially in the delicate bikini area.

TME: What things do you recommend that we avoid during the summer?

Dr. Hirsch: Well, I am a dermatologist so the most appropriate answer is too much sun! Not saying it needs to be avoided, just respected though.

TME: Once we achieve a healthy state for our skin, how do we maintain this throughout the warmer months?

Dr. Hirsch: Maintenance is key. Once you get your skin into a good place, look for skincare that supports where you want to stay. Avoid picking, scratching, and too much sun.

Note: A very special thank you to Dr. Hirsch for her time and wisdom! 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pat McGrath Labs Introduces New Collection

Yesterday, June 13, legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath introduced a new collection -- SKIN FETISH: THE COLLECTION! This is the ultimate backstage secret for runway, red carpet and editorial radiance delivers precision luminescence for the face and body. After illuminating the Valentino AW16 runway, the Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duos, Sublime Skin Highlighter Trio and BUFFER 003 Brush became instantly iconic among beauty junkies worldwide.

“I wanted to bring the sublime glow I have been creating for more than 25 years – with the purity and refinement that captures each model’s individuality – to everyday beauty,” McGrath says. “My secret is the system of custom blending and the endless combinations that Skin Fetish provides. This collection is dear to my heart, and I cannot wait for EVERYONE to turn their skin on.”

SKIN FETISH: HIGHLIGHTER + BALM DUOS ($55) Available In: Nude | Golden | Bronze

The most in-demand highlighting system, Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo, returns in its original shades – pearlescent Nude and gleaming Golden – along with the new lustrous Bronze. Encased in a luxurious, dual-ended, white-haute lacquered stick adorned with McGrath’s signature hallmarks, each transformative duet stars as an incandescent highlighter and sublime balm that sets skin alight with incendiary elegance and celestial effects. The creamy Highlighter reflects and refracts light, serving iconic illumination realness. The transparent Balm - formulated with aloe and argan oils plus hyaluronic acid - delivers dewy divinity as it softens the skin.

Capture light and project illumination with a tempting palette of glistening highlighters — IRIDESCENT PINK 003, FINE GOLD 003 and BRONZE NECTAR 003 — that deliver a brilliant range of multidimensional effects. This proprietary hydrating hybrid formulation combines the best features of a gel-powder with a fluid texture. This futuristic triptych brightens with ravishingly revolutionary results, fueling your most sublime skin fantasies. Worn solo, each of these iconic shades radiate pure light, laying down a smooth veil of pure, even color while accentuating bone structure.

Achieve Mother’s signature runway radiance with a tantalizing tool that brilliantly buffs skin to create surreal shine. This brush effortlessly applies lightweight layers of cream, liquid or powder, beautifully blending them into the skin to create a diffused, polished finish. For dazzling results, use it with the Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio and the Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo to create looks gloriously lit from within. The weight-balanced handle delivers exquisite control, creating perfectly illuminated skin in a flash.

The ultimate secret weapon for kissably-soft lips– the iconic Lip Fetish Lip Balm – is back, now shining in four new pearlescent shades: Nude Astral, Gold Astral, Bronze Astral and VR Pink Astral. This luminous, iridescent pout provocateur protects from free radicals with an antioxidant, vitamin-rich formula that glides on flawlessly, restoring softness and elasticity while serving major hydration. It repairs, restores and replenishes lips, keeping them sensually smooth and leaving them with a dewy, opaline finish. Encapsulated in a bespoke white - lacquered bullet, this alluringly addictive balm is the captivating, covert key to a killer kiss.

SKIN FETISH KITS ($125 each, exclusive to PATMcGRATH.COM)
Includes: Highlighter + Balm Duo, Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio, Buffer 003 Brush and Lip Fetish Lip Balm, Version: Clear. Version: Nude. Version: Golden. Version: Bronze.

The Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duos, the Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio and the
Buffer 003 Brush will be available to shop on June 21, 2018, at PATMcGRATH and on June 28, 2018, at and select Sephora stores nationwide. Lip Fetish Balms will be available to shop July 2018 at PATMcGRATH and and select Sephora stores nationwide.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

St.Tropez’s Introduces Gradual Tan Pre-Shower Mousse

St.Tropez’s has just introduced one of most convenient ways to get that glow! You can get a buildable sun-kissed glow in just one minute with an easy everyday pre-shower tanning mousse. St.Tropez’s breakthrough Gradual Tan In Shower technology, that revolutionized the gradual tan category in 2015, now marks the next generation in self-tanning with the Gradual Tan One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse is a unique, streak-free mousse that is applied directly to dry skin for just one minute -- with or without a mitt -- before showering as normal. Tan Enhancers allow the Vegan friendly and 100% naturally derived DHA to penetrate the surface of the skin deeper and faster, for a quick, natural looking glow which will gradually develop over the next 8 hours. There is no guide color, however a subtle sheen will be left on the skin once the white mousse has absorbed to ensure no key areas are missed.

As it is a gradual tan product, you’ll notice a subtle, natural, golden glow from day one, however if you add this unique pre-shower mousse to your daily tanning routine, you can achieve a deeper tan after three days. Regular application helps you control your depth of tan, whether you need a confidence-boosting tan for that Monday morning meeting, or
Thursday afternoon out with the girls. For a deeper glow, leave the product on for 2-5 minutes before showering.

This luxurious foam has been enriched with nourishing Jojoba esters and Vitamin E for all day moisturization. Additionally, there is no transfer onto clothes or bed sheets, and no tell- tale tan smell so it can be worn morning or night. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the self-tanning market, this product is perfect for everyone. It is easy to use and will give a gradual glowing tan, day after day.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse ($20) is available at ULTA Beauty and Sephora. NEW: Try before you buy! Download the Tan Mirror app free from the App store or Google Play. This app contains bespoke technology to showcase what this product, and the full St. Tropez range, will look like on everyone’s individual skin tone. It truly reflects the final result that can be achieved from using the product with no enhancement or exaggeration after one, two and three days.