Monday, July 24, 2017

The Scoop On Styling Your New Pixie Cut

In spite of the August-like humidity that we’ve been experiencing, Summer 2017 doesn’t have to mean bad hair days. Summer and it’s humid temperatures bring thoughts of shorter and possibly simpler 'dos for our hair. A few members of Team TME have certainly had those thoughts floating through our heads for the past few weeks and we know that we aren’t the only ones. But there is somewhat of a misconception regarding short hair. Mainly that a short style, like the Pixie, is going to be a "one note" look. So not true! 

Some of our favorite celebrities, including Katy Perry, Kate Mara and Lily Collins, have tried the Pixie -- each with a super stylish twist. We think that everyone can agree that these ladies look stunning, but rest assured if you decide to go this route you need the scoop on the best ways to style this sexy cut. Turning to our friend, Redken Grooming Expert and Cutler Stylist Jenny Balding, Jenny shared a few of her favorite (and easy) ways to style the Pixie cut. 

Jenny’s first bit of advice, “With short cuts, you need to create attitude, whether it’s rock-and-roll or romantic.”  This is our personal philosophy of life, but oh-so-true with this specific hairdo. Jenny has shared three amazing looks and the simple ways to achieve them using Redken stylers.

The Forward Sweep
  1. Mist Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer onto damp hair and comb through.
  2. Apply a dime-size amount of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel evenly throughout hair.
  3. To direct hair forward, blow-dry using your fingers in a side-to-side sweeping motion for tousled texture. Once hair is dry, take random pieces and flatiron for additional dimension.
  4. To enhance texture and definition, reapply a small amount of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel, and work into a chic, forward sweep.
  5. Finish with a mist of Redken wax blast 10 high-impact finishing spray-wax for instant undone texture.
  6. The next day, mist Redken pillow proof blow dry two-day extender all over to refresh the style.

The Sleek Pixie
  1. Mist Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer onto damp hair and comb through.
  2. Apply a dime-size amount of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel evenly throughout hair.
  3. Create a deep side part, then use a fine-tooth comb to blow-dry hair as smooth as possible in the direction you want it to lay.
  4. Once hair is dry, flatiron to smooth out any kinks.
  5. For added sleekness, reapply a small amount of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel and comb through to distribute. Position the fringe across the forehead and finesse the shape as needed, tucking any longer pieces behind the ears.
  6. Finish with a thorough mist of Redken quick dry 18 instant finishing spray for shine and long-lasting control.

Glam Volume
  1. Mist Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer onto damp hair and comb through.
  2. Apply a dime-size amount of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel evenly throughout hair. To maintain natural texture, blow-dry hair using your fingers, lifting sections as you dry to add volume.
  3. After hair is completely dry, use a 1” curling iron to randomly curl sections downward. Take small sections and alternate directions to create dimension
  4. Emulsify 2 – 4 pumps of Redken short sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel in your palms and run your hands through the hair, using your fingertips to gently lift and shape the front layers into an upward direction.
  5. Finish with a mist of Redken control addict 28 extra high-hold hairspray for maximum control.
  6. The next day, mist Redken pillow proof blow dry two-day extender all over, using your fingers to refresh the texture.

You don’t have to be afraid that a shorter style is only going to offer you one look. As you can see, one cut ... three different stunning styles!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

6 Perfect Products To Beat The Heat

It just seems that we go through a crazy cycle of hating the bitter winter with an almost uncontrollable passion for summertime, only to fuss over the sweltering heat once summer really kicks in. With plenty of the dog days of summer left, Team TME thought that it might be a good idea to suggest a few products to keep you cool from head to toe. 

Hello Kitty Frozen Aloe After Sun Cooling Spray ($6.99) - This lovely Hello Kitty inspired sprayer dispenses cooling, white flakes that instantly soothe sun burned skin. The aloe formula moisturizes dry, sun-parched skin and helps minimize blistering, peeling and chapping. Australian Gold combines cutting edge sun care with Asian skin caring ingredients, Yomogi, Butterfly Bush, and Green Tea to deliver sun protection with exceptional skin care.  Signature Hello Kitty design and custom fragrances add special appeal for Hello Kitty fans.

H2O+ Oasis Mist ($18) - This energizing mist of oil-free hydration instantly imparts a natural glow and locks in vital moisture. Soothing and nourishing, this convenient, on-the-go facial spray provides instant hydration anytime and rapidly restores moisture to depleted skin.

boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34 - Currently On Sale For $25) - A calming, refreshing peel-off mask that instantly cools, calms inflammation, and hydrates. Formulated for all skin types, especially the most sensitive.

Anthelios 60 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen with Cell-OX Shield XL ($35.99) - This cooling gel-like lotion refreshes the skin while offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with antioxidants and longer lasting protection. The powerful anti-oxidant complex includes Senna Alata, a tropical leaf extract known to defend skin cells from environmental aggressors to help prevent premature aging.

Marc Anthony True Professional 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo ($8.99)- Blast this COOLING dry shampoo on your hair to remove excess oil, eliminate odor and add volume. Goes on clear - making it perfect for all textures and hair colors!

Keep hair out of your face and off of your neck with the Revlon Sophist-o-Twist ($6.79) - Made of soft velvet material that is gentle on the hair, this tiny tool makes sleek buns in a snap. No clips or pins needed!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Easy Beat The Heat Twisted Rope Braid How To

We’re experiencing yet another week of Humidgeddon, and aside from the insane things that the weather does to our hair, does anyone really want to spend a ton of time with a complicated coif? Pureology Artist Sandra Joseph has shared with Team TME her favorite and easy-to-do style that’s perfect for beating the heat, as well as easily transitioning into a nighttime look!

Get The Look – Quick and Easy Twisted Rope Braid

Step 1: On damp hair, apply Pureology Smooth Perfection Shaping Control Gel, from roots to tips. Blow-dry, on lowest setting, using a medium round brush to create shape and volume.

Step 2: Gather all lengths to the side and dived into two sections, allowing pieces around the face to fall out.

Step 3: Apply Pureology Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist Shine Texturizer to both sections for added texture and definition.

Step 4: With a section of hair in each hand, twist both sections to the right until all the hair is twisted, creating two strands of twisted hair.

Step 5: Cross the right strand over the left strand and continue this pattern until you’ve achieved a rope braid.

Step 6: To lock the braids together, tease the ends and secure with an elastic. Finish with Colour Stylist Supreme Control/ the look with

Pro Tip: To take this look from day to night, wrap the braid into a bun, secure with pins and add a pretty hair wrap.

Pureology products are available online at Pureology and in ULTA stores.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hairstyling Do’s and Don’ts for Your Face Shape

Have you ever perused through a magazine and stumbled across a hairstyle that looks absolutely stunning? And then decided that is THE cut for you? And then cried your eyes out after the stylist gave you the precise cut that you requested? Of course you have – we all have! Before you blame the stylist, (with the exception of a woman that we’ll refer to as Edwina Scissorhands), you need to understand that educating yourself is a good way to get the haircut and hairstyle that looks good on you. 

Consider this, you know your body type and take that into account when shopping. Why? Because you know that certain materials and styles aren’t flattering for your body type. The same rule goes for getting the most flattering cut for you. Your face shape plays a big role in choosing the best a hair cut! Cutler/Redken Salon Senior Stylist, Kelsy Osterman, shares her tips for determining your face shape, and how to highlight your features accordingly.

Face Shape Analysis: Pull your hair away from your face into a ponytail. Then, standing in front of a mirror look at the width of your forehead, cheeks and jaw. Match your dimensions to the below.

Round: Forehead, cheeks and jaw are the same width, without a pronounced jaw line.

  • Do - Elongate a round face with a lengthening cut and sharp angles.
  • Do - Even out your proportions and slim cheeks with layers that start at least two inches below the jaw.
  • Don’t - Cut blunt fringe (bangs) that mimics the roundness of the face.

Triangle: Forehead width is narrower than jaw width.

  • Do - Soften this bold shape by cutting layers fuller through the top and taper towards the jaw.
  • Do - Backcomb hair near the roots to achieve volume if you have fine hair.
  • Don’t - Cut a blunt bob ending near the jaw line, it will accentuate jaw width.

Square: Four widest points on the face are the outer corners of the forehead and jaw. These points are parallel.

  • Do - Tone down sharp angles by cutting layers or fringe that start near the eyes/cheekbone and cascade downward.
  • Do - Work a trendy, short lob with a few layers to slim down the jaw.
  • Don’t - Blunt layers at the jaw line or forehead, which widen and square off the face.

Diamond: Cheekbones are the most dominant feature, while forehead and jaw are narrower.

  • Do - Create the illusion of more proportion by cutting layers that stop near the jaw, which adds width and dimension.
  • Do - Add balance by cutting shorter bangs to bring the eye to the forehead.
  • Don’t - Cut soft, cascading fringe that lands near the cheekbone, bringing the eye to that feature.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Olivia Garden launches iBlend for Summer 2017

Olivia Garden is once again on the forefront of innovation with the first and only brush designed to fully saturate any product into the hair. Lunching this month, Olivia Garden introduces the iBlend Color & Care Brush Collection -- designed to fully distribute and evenly saturate all types of hair color (permanent, demipermanent and semi-permanent) and can be used with a variety of application processes, from highlights, balayage, to root touch-ups.

With their unique design, iBlend brushes work to fully saturate hair color and create a natural blended effect, to support a fast and efficient color application with a beautiful, natural result. After color application, iBlend brushes help to evenly distribute product, with dual-length bristles and a scalp-hugging brush design to allow even product distribution to every layer of hair, and ensure maximum comfort. iBlend also works to gently detangle when during the coloring process. iBlend helps avoid over saturation, and minimize product waste.

In addition to color, iBlend also works with bond-building treatments, hair straightening treatments, and more. iBlend also serves as a barrier for contact with chemical treatment products, ideal for those who are susceptible to allergic reactions. To decipher between its multiple uses, iBlend is available in two different colors so they can be easily differentiated during use. iBlend is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Olivia Garden’s iBlend Color & Care Collection ($9.99 each) is currently available online at 1am Beauty and Olivia Garden.

About Olivia Garden: For nearly four decades, Olivia Garden has been a leader in the hair care industry. With professional-quality hairbrushes, chic salon apparel, and hair-related accessories for salon professionals and consumers alike, Olivia Garden products are sold in major beauty retailers, beauty salons and boutiques worldwide. Olivia Garden is so sure of their superior manufacturing that a limited lifetime warranty against defects is included with all their product purchases.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’: Your questions answered by Dr. Victoria Karlinsky

Recently, Team TME had the privilege of interviewing one of New York's leading female cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky. They discussed what has become one of the most asked for cosmetic enhancement procedures -- buttock augmentation -- better known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or BBL. As cited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2014 approximately 16,873 Americans opted for some type of buttock augmentation making this specific cosmetic enhancement one of the most requested.

High profile entertainers, such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonc√©, are being celebrated for more than their talents on stage. These women have enviable naturally curvaceous figures, and it should come as no surprise that one would want to emulate his or her favorite celebrity. And if you’re considering buttock augmentation, read on for great insights regarding the how, what and what to expect from the fastest growing body augmentation.

The Makeup Examiner: Of late, we’ve seen a bit of negative press regarding buttock lift procedures. What are the different procedures one can have for a buttock lift and what deems certain procedures unsafe?

Dr. Victoria Karlinsky: There are two ways to enlarge someone’s buttocks. This can be done via fat grafting or by utilizing solid silicone implants. In my practice I only offer fat grafting to enlarge and uplift someone’s buttocks. The reason for that is the complication rate. Liposuction and fat grafting has a much lower rate of complications then that of Silicone implants. While there are many people who do not have enough fat for the fat grafting procedure, I feel that the high rate of complications with solid buttock implants is not acceptable.

TME: How does the Brazilian Butt Lift differ from the other type(s) of buttock enhancement procedures?

Dr. Karlinsky: BBL is completely different from buttock augmentation with silicone implants. When performing BBL, we typically perform circumferential liposuction of the torso (abdomen, flanks, back), we can also harvest fat from arms and thighs. The fat is then cleaned and re-injected into the buttocks to create a fuller, shapelier form. Because we are injecting the patient’s own tissue, the risks of infection, extrusion, and encapsulation (to name a few potential complications associated with silicone implants) do not exist.

TME: What are the common misconceptions that patients have regarding the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Karlinsky: Many times, patients come to see me with a photo of J Lo or similar celebrities, asking if I can give them a butt like theirs. The answer is most always “No”. One limitation of fat grafting is that there is only so much fat we can inject at one time and sometimes more than one treatment is needed to achieve the desired size and projection. If too much fat is injected, we know that it will simply not survive. The fat is a free graft and its survival depends on the formation of a new blood supply, which will provide the tissue with the nutrients it needs to stay alive. If we simply clump a bunch of fat in one place, the butt will look big and full for a few weeks but little by little, the fat cells, which never got the blood supply, will die and will be reabsorbed by the body.

TME: What advice can you offer to a person exploring the possibility have having the procedure?

Dr. Karlinsky: First and foremost, a patient must do his or her due diligence and find a doctor who is well trained to perform this particular procedure. Secondly, if they have enough fat and realistic expectations, they should avoid solid silicone implants and go with fat grafting.

TME: Once a patient has decided that this procedure is right from them, what can they expect from prior to the procedure through to recovery time?

Dr. Karlinsky: There is not much they need to worry about, prior to surgery. After surgery, they can expect to be fairly sore and uncomfortable, but not in major pain. I do not restrict my patients from sitting on their buttocks; I simply ask that they do not spend a prolonged period of time in one position. My patients are asked to wear an elastic garment for a week to ten days fulltime (day and night) and another week part-time after surgery. I do not put any restrictions on my patients after surgery, other than no heavy lifting and running for a week after the procedure. Most of my patients go back to work a week after surgery.

TME: What is the price of the procedure and how long do the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift last?

Dr. Karlinsky: The cost for the procedure varies with your surgeon, but the average price for a Brazilian Butt Lift is $10,500. We know that about 30% of fat that we inject will not survive and will be reabsorbed by the body, so some of the volume that the patients see right after surgery will be decreased. As long as the patient who underwent the procedure maintains a healthy diet and keeps her or his weight stable, the results are permanent.

About Dr. Victoria Karlinsky
Dr. Karlinsky obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College City University in New York City and her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. She completed her residency training at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, graduating with distinction as Chief Resident of the Year and recipient of the Leon Ginsburg Award. Dr. Karlinsky completed her Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at the Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical Center in Abilene, Texas. Dr. Karlinsky is the chief surgeon at New Look New Life Surgical Arts.

Friday, July 7, 2017

M∙A∙C Cosmetics Dazzleglass


First Row:
  • Baby Sparks pale pink with violet pearl
  • Boys Go Crazy dark purple with blue undertone
  • Comet Blue violet blue
  • Date Night deep plum with blue and gold pearl

Second Row:
  • Extra Amps sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
  • Funtabulous purple with violet pearl
  • Get Rich Quick warm yellow brown
  • Like Venus clean light bubble gum link with red pearl

Third Row:
  • Love Alert raspberry red with red pearl
  • Money Honey mid tone rosy mauve with red pearl
  • Moth to Flame sheer neutral beige with orange undertone
  • Pleasure Principle clear white violet, teal and white pearl

Fourth Row:
  • Rags to Riches plumy pink with teal and red pearl
  • Smile light coral with pink and gold pearl
  • Steppin’ Out clean yellow pink with red pearl
  • Sugarrimmed milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl

Currently available online and at all M·A·C locations in the permanent line.