Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Wonder Woman Toned Tan for Halloween

It’s no surprise that the top trending women’s costume for Halloween 2017 is “Wonder Woman.”  What else do you need alongside your superwoman outfit? Complete your Wonder Woman look with a total bronzed, contoured, toned and concealed tan that will withstand the most active of nights out and hardcore workout routines. It isn’t always the easiest to achieve, but we have some great tips to get that amazing glow!

The Wonder Woman Toned Tan How To:

Products Needed: St. Tropez Body Polisher, St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer, St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt, St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Lotion, St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion, and St. Tropez 3-in-1 Bronzing Powder.

PRO TIP - Exfoliating the day before self-tan application will allow your skin to have the perfect Ph. balance for ultimate color development.

The Night Before Halloween: You will need St. Tropez's Tan Applicator Mitt, St. Tropez's Self-tan Classic Bronzing Lotion and tan enhancing body moisturizer. If you exfoliated the day/morning before all you will need to do is remove all products from the skin including deodorant and body lotions.

Face First - Eye serums are fine to wear underneath so treat your skin. Don't Forget To Tie Long Hair Back! Using your bare hands apply one quarter size amount of self-tan lotion and one quarter sized amount of tan enhancing body moisturizer and blend together in the palm of your hand. Apply blended lotion to your face and neck making sure every facial section is covered. This includes over and under the eyes to conceal dark circles and any crow’s feet. Fade down the neck and onto the ear lobes to finish. Stop just before the hairline and then using a tiny amount of moisturizer only blend into hairline. Using a cotton swab wipe the eyebrows, especially if you have fair skin, and any other areas that you do not wish to be tanned. Wash your hands to proceed! Next the Body …

Apply body moisturizer to the whole of the foot, knees, elbows and the whole of the hands not forgetting the backs of the wrists. Apply the tan starting with the legs first. Apply 2 quarter sized amounts of self-tan lotion directly onto the mitt. Start with the lower leg and following a flat hand and a light stroke rule, glide the lotion on, wrap around the front and the back of the lower leg. Stop at the foot and glide over the knee, then with the excess lotion left on the mitt glide over your well-moisturized foot. Make sure to blend in-between your toes. Take a baby wipe and clean the nails. For a perfect super star result take a little St. Tropez body moisturizer and blend up the back of the heels and over any dry problem areas. Reload your tan applicator mitt (2- 3 quarter sized) and glide over the front and back of the thigh and over your bottom cheek! Repeat on the other side. Reload your mitt with about 4 quarter-sized amounts of lotion and glide over your torso and chest. Flip the mitt around the other way so that the white application side is on the back of your hand, we are now tanning the back and this will make your application easy. Reload another 4 quarter sized pumps and bend your back forward. Twist your arm and smooth over the back swapping mitt to the other hand to help when applying to the far side. Finish by blending into the back of the neck.

PRO TIP - Don’t worry if the built in bronzer does not look perfect and even at this stage, as long as the skin is covered with the self-tan lotion the St. Tropez self-tan will always develop perfect and even once the first shower has taken place. So don’t panic Wonder Woman's glow will be 100% even! Lastly we will tan the arms and hands. Again reload the mitt (2 ¼ sized pumps) smooth over the whole arm stopping at the wrist and gliding over the elbow. Then swap mitt hands, reload your and apply to the other arm. Using the excess lotion that is left on the mitt glide over your well moisturized hands making sure you blend in-between the fingers and down the sides of the hands. Wait 30 seconds for the lotion to absorb then swap mitt hands and repeat on the other hand. Lastly take a baby wipe and clean all your nails and palms. Using a little St. Tropez moisturizer blend up the back of your wrist and over your knuckles.

Night Of Halloween: Take a shower to remove the built in bronzer and to reveal a perfect flawless Amazonian glow. Moisturize the whole body using St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturizer (used daily this will maintain your tan for up to 10 days).

Final Skin Finish … Use St. Tropez's Gradual Tan Tinted on exposed key skin areas, and contour lines this will create extra tone, depth of color, illumination, hydration plus extra concealing. Results will be a truly perfect second skin of body armor, fit for our warrior Wonder Woman. You can either apply the product with a foundation brush, then use a tan applicator mitt to blend, apply and blend using a beauty blender or apply with your bare hands just remember to wash hands well afterwards.

PRO TIP - You only have to use small amount of gradual tan tinted to perfect your skin. A little goes along way! Apply the gradual tan tinted to main focal points and blend around the natural contour lines. A layer of St Tropez's Self Tan Classic Bronzing Lotion will naturally make you look more contoured and defined but the extra layer of St Tropez's gradual tan tinted will really take your skin finish to the next level.

Final Touch. Bronzing Powder: Once your hair is complete, your make-up is on and your St Tropez gradual tan tinted has been applied take the St. Tropez 3 in 1 bronzing Powder and SET this amazing wonder woman look. Using a large brush swirl all shades of the pallet together and apply, shade, contour and set where needed. Cheekbones, under jawline, shoulders, collarbone, cleavage, triceps, biceps, inner/outer thigh, shin bone and tops of the feet …

Products can be found online at St. Tropez or in-store at Sephora.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Olivia Culpo’s Perfectly Imperfect Waves

Olivia Culpo hit the town with pals Shanina Shaik and Dev Windsor to celebrate the launch of ghd’s new Nocturne Holiday Collection. Her outfit was spot-on, her makeup was on-point, but what had everyone’s head turning was her uber-chic bedhead waves.

ghd ambassador and Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan gives us the how-to:

Step 1: Prep hair with a volumizing mousse then blow dry with the ghd nocturne air hairdryer ($199) to give the hair volume and a little natural texture.

Step 2: Create a clean middle part then attach clip-in extensions if needed for added length.

Step 3: Section the hair horizontally in 1-inch sections then, taking 1-inch wide pieces, create an s-pattern wave with the ghd nocturne platinum styler ($249), alternating turning the styler upwards and downwards.

Pro-Tip: Brick lay the s-pattern on each piece by alternating the bevels with the iron, but leave the ends straight – this keeps the look modern and gives it more of an undone feel.

Step 4: Spray a little dry shampoo to rough up the texture throughout then run a small amount of pomade through ends. Finish with a light mist hairspray.

Step 5: Give everyone hair envy!

ghd hair products and stylers are available online at ghd hair and select retail locations. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

The ghd Contour May Be This Year’s Must-Have Tool

In continuation from last season’s obsession with curls, Fall 2017 is big on texture, with 90s-inspired looks taking center stage on the catwalks and the Red Carpet. In response to these trends, ghd has introduced the new ghd contour, a limited edition tool the launched this October and available for FW17 only.

Featuring advanced ceramic heat technology and multi-dimensional plates; with ghd contour you can add depth and bold texture to any look, to instantly enhance shape and volume. Create a playful accent to the hair or add texture to silky strands that won’t hold a tease. Instantly enhance shape and experiment with different sections for a dual texture effort. Featuring the same advanced ceramic heat technology you know ghd by, this styling tool is a must have this season.

“We saw a lot of crimps in the 80’s and early 2000’s.  When I think about 80’s crimps I see something big and teased and wild looking. When I think of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I think of something with a lot of product and stiff looking. Today’s modern crimp is neither of those. Think soft, playful and understated,” says celebrity hairstylist and ghd brand ambassador JustineMarjan.

JUSTINE’S TOP TIP: “You can easily add a pop of interest to any hairstyle through crimping. It creates amazing texture that instantly revives a look. For example, I love the way crimped hair looks when it's brushed and teased for major volume!”

  • ghd advanced ceramic heat technology (heats to 365°F)
  • Maximum size with multi-dimensional plates
  • 2-year warranty
  • Sleep mode: switches off after 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage
  • Includes protective plate guard

The ghd Contour ($169) is currently available, in limited edition, online at ghd and select retail locations!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Breaking News: Say Goodbye To The Easy, Breezy, Beautiful COVERGIRL

Today, October 10, one of the world’s most iconic cosmetics brands has made a shocking announcement! COVERGIRL announces the biggest reinvention in their 60-year history, redefining the brand with new a slogan, “I Am What I Make Up.” The powerful new expression aims to inspire people to embrace their unique identities and unapologetically create any version of themselves through makeup. We wouldn’t have been so shook by this, but there are few people who don’t count COVERGIRL as their first makeup brand! Oh, and who hasn’t looked in the mirror and done the whole “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful COVERGIRL” thing? Don’t lie you know that you have. ;)

COVERGIRL kicks off their brand relaunch today, with a long-form film titled, “Made in the Mirror,” that features six COVERGIRLs, most of whom were launched throughout the past month. These include, actress Issa Rae, TV personality Ayesha Curry, singer/songwriter Katy Perry, model Maye Musk, fitness trainer Massy Arias and professional motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda. All of these women have combined their professions with their love for makeup, while empowering and encouraging others to do the same.

Ukonwa Ojo, SVP COVERGIRL, Coty, said, “In leading the relaunch, we started with the insight that people no longer strive for a singular standard of beauty, but use makeup as a tool for self-expression and personal transformation. COVERGIRL has always been inclusive and is known for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be beautiful, which means we have a responsibility to elevate how we connect and communicate with people. This is bigger than a new campaign or a tagline. We hope to spark a provocative dialogue that shifts cultural assumptions about when, where, how and why people wear makeup.”

COVERGIRL’s multifaceted transformation will touch all areas of the brand, including packaging and product design; in-store experience; a new logo and tag line; and look, tone and feel across all communications, starting with “Made in the Mirror” and continuing to roll-out through the remainder of 2017 and into 2018.

Bridal Fashion Week BERTA and Bare Alchemy GTL

Glowing, Healthy and Perfect … that explains the look at the BERTA Bridal Fashion Show. As seen on the runway, October 5, at the Berta Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week show. The secret to the look is Baré Alchemy. It is the perfect primer, moisturizer and serum to give you a beautiful bridal glow -- AND the official skincare primer for the show.

The Baré Alchemy brand is new to the USA from Australia and is quickly becoming a smash hit to those in the know. Baré Alchemy is a water-based serum that uses the extract of the rare Kakadu Plum, which boasts the highest concentration of any fruit of the planet, providing that natural brightness that every bride craves!

How to get that “Glowing” look? It’s very simple -- Use Baré Alchemy sparingly, and apply to clean skin prior to makeup use. With targeted, concentrated ingredients based in water, and lightweight in formula, the Baré Alchemy bespoke serums provide deep hydration by transporting nutrient molecules directly to the cells.

The Story of Baré Alchemy: Named after Jeanne Baré, a revolutionary female botanist who broke all the rules and navigated the male-dominated world of botany, the brand originated in the Australian Bush full of treasure troves of rare botanicals such as the Kakadu Plum, the natural source of the highest vitamin C on the planet. That, along with age-old secrets of the natives, created the basis for these bespoke, natural serums. Baré Alchemy offers a unique approach to skincare with four serums, specifically engineered to work for distinct skin types at different times of the year - as our skins change with the season. Baré Alchemy is a range of bespoke natural serums from Australia. A team of naturopaths, sociologists, chemists, designers, engineers and even a tribal elder have come together to create something integral to the health of the modern woman.

  • Ambrosia Protect Serum (for normal skin): Containing Kakadu Plum and Caviar Lime Pearl, the Protect Serum boosts hydration at the cellular level. Rich in AHAs, this serum provides a gentle exfoliation, and stimulates the skin to reduce the appearance of aging and improve luminosity.
  • Ambrosia Soothe Serum (for dry/sensitive skin): Containing Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Tasman Pepper Berry Extract, the Sooth Serum restores hydration to the skin’s layers, boosts collagen synthesis and structural cellular integrity of dry, damaged, and sensitive skin.
  • Ambrosia Cleanse Serum (for oily skin): Containing Kakadu Plum, Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Leaf Oil, the Cleanse Serum boosts hydration with a blend of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients help minimize acne, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Ambrosia Balance Serum (for combinations skin): Containing Kakadu Plum and Lemon Balm, this luxurious, quickly absorbed serum restores natural balancing factors of your skin to capture and retain moisture where dry and cleanse and open pores where oily.

Baré Alchemy is available online at the Baré Alchemy website and select retail locations around the globe!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Find The Perfect Mascara With Help From Celebrity Makeup Artist Hector Simancas

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Lead Makeup Artist for Season 16 of Project Runway, Hector Simancas, wants to help you get lucky in choosing the right MASCARA … yes, you read that correctly! Hector is currently perfecting the looks of project runways finest and can help all of us to find the perfect mascara (and how to apply it) by sharing some tips and tricks that he originated!

It’s a fact well stated by Hector, “Mascara is one of the most difficult to choose, as samples are unavailable!” Yes, if you have a BBSS sometimes you may receive a mascara but who can wait for that chance?!? Applying mascara is a key element of your overall cosmetic look and one that you don’t want to leave to chance.

What To Think About When Shopping For Mascara:
  • Sparse Lashes - Fiber creates full volume and longer lashes
  • Longwear - Waterproof, especially useful if you sweat
  • Sensitive Eyes - People with allergies should always look for a water-based mascara

The Proper (Hector) Way To Apply Mascara:
  1. First curl the lashes with a curler.
  2. Create layers on the lash by starting with very little product on the brush. Start from the root close to the eyelid to the middle, let it dry and do the other eye
  3. Add a second layer using the same technique. For the third layer you can go on the tips of the lashes.
  4. After that you can add as many layers as you want. Doing it that way helps to keep the curve of your lashes

Check back for more tips from Celebrity Makeup HectorSimancas!

Friday, October 6, 2017

M∙A∙C Cosmetics Announces Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour and M∙A∙C Velvet Mattes

M∙A∙C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Metallics, available online only October 5, are for those who prefer glamour with a dash of all-out flash, matte metallic reigns supreme! M∙A∙C introduces a new twist on our classic Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour with six saturated molten shades in warm neutrals and spiced hues perfect for fall. Online only.

M·A·C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Metallics ($21 US/$25 CAD - ONLINE ONLY)
  • Softly Rockin’: soft pinky beige
  • Pearl Punk: dusty pink
  • Metrochrome: gold bronze
  • Foiled: rose bronze
  • Coral Plated: orange
  • Crowned: blackened purple

M∙A∙C Velvet Mattes, available online and in-store October 26 through December 7, are a snuggle into the plush velvet night with new blackened mattes in the deepest, darkest tones you love. These nine (9) lip shades glide on like soft suede for the ultimate in a seductive, sophisticated dimension. In hues like Beatrix, Midnight Breeze and Modern Temptress touchable pleasure becomes the ultimate indulgence.

M∙A∙C Velvet Mattes Lipstick ($17 US / $22 CAD)
  • Valiant: black with pearl
  • Powerhouse: reddened deep purple with pearl
  • Midnight Breeze: blackened grape purple with pearl
  • Beatrix: deep coppered red
  • Modern Temptress: deep red brown
  • Victorian: deep yellow brown with pearl
  • Velvet Rebellion: rich and deep red brown
  • Winifred: greyed mauve with pearl
  • Gwendolyn: mid-tone grey with pearl

M∙A∙C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Metallics are available online only beginning October 5, 2017 and M∙A∙C Velvet Mattes, available online and in-store October 26, 2017 through December 7, 2017!