Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Makeup Examiner’s Top Five Nail Art Blogs


It’s not news that we’re obsessed with the creativity of nail art. With many beauty trends coming from an artistic collaboration between fashion designer and makeup artist, nail art is one area of beauty that truly belongs to the consumer … the streets … the blogger. Aside from the charm and fun of nail art, perhaps the true driving force for this happy obsession is due to the real origin of inspiration.

When we're searching for nailspiration, The Makeup Examiner isn’t poring over fashion magazines … we hit the Internet. Don’t we all? Now that spring has finally sprung and we’re headed toward what promises to be a gorgeous S/S 2013 beauty season, it’s time for a change. Step away from the rich dark hues of winter, reap the benefits from The Makeup Examiner’s research, and get some nailspiration from TME’s Top 5 Nail Art Blogs.

The Swatchaholic – This blog is “the official home of a nail polish lover,” and the blog definitely lives up to its tagline. Readers can check out the latest posts on the blog's homepage or jump to archives of the Nail of the Day and Konad of the Day postings. The Swatchaholic promotes upcoming posts and conducts polls about nail polish, discontinued shades, and more.

Chit Chat Nails – Marta, a SAHM from Ontario, is another self-proclaimed nail polish addict. And this mama’s blog has it all! Marta spends a good deal of time researching everything nail polish related, so that you don’t have to. The Chit Chat Nails blog is chock full of the latest nail trends and easy to follow tips.

Chromatic Misadventures - Claudia Paniza, the mind behind Chromatic Misadventures, is a 30-something New Yorker who knows her polish. Chromatic Misadventures is perfect for polish lovers who are obsessed with the latest colors. Beyond her daily posts and brilliant photos, Claudia links followers to other nail polish blogs, manufacturer sites, nail polish contests, and polish giveaways.

Katrina's Nail Blog – The Makeup Examiner is in love with this fun and inspired blog! Katrina is a college student from Michigan who “paints her nails instead of doing her homework.” Too cute, but I don’t believe that a young women with that much brilliance and talent is bailing on homework. As for Katrina's Nail Blog, readers are taken on a step-by-step guide to true nailspiration.

A Polish Problem - Self-proclaimed nail polish addict, Megan is a SAHM. Megan shares her enduring obsession with nail products and visiting A Polish Problem is like having your own personal shopper. Between the honest product feedback and very personal experiences of struggles with nail infections, readers can discover the best products on the market and possible avoid a nasty experience.

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