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Summer To Fall Hair Care Guide From Celebrity Stylist, Sarah Potempa

Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa Courtesy of Aussie
Happy Friday lovelies! Can you believe that we’re in the middle of August? Oh, the balmy days of summer are fading fast and we’ll soon be looking at the wonders of fall foliage. For those beautynistas that are pouting about the end of summer, The Makeup Examiner has found this amazing quote that sums up fall fabulously, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” ~Albert Camus. No one can pout when thinking of autumn in those terms or when we get beauty backup from celebrity stylist, Sarah Potempa!

The weather from August through October can be uh … unpredictable. So Sarah offers tips to combat bad hair days no matter what the weather swings our way. Grab your guy for this one, as Sarah also brings us tips for him with the integration of Aussie’s brand new Aussie Men.

Summer to Fall Hair Care

Have your hair go with the weather -- don’t fight it! Instead, use the unpredictable weather to experiment with different products and see what works best for your natural hair.

1. Try a new product! “I love the Sprunch Mousse + Leave-in Conditioner ($3.25),” says Sarah. Also, everyone can benefit from the Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner Spray ($3.25), which protects hair from the elements.

2. Swimming in chlorine and saltwater can damage your hair and even tear away at the strands. Sarah recommends putting in a little conditioner before going into the water. Any conditioner will work, but she loves Miraculously Smooth or Moist conditioners ($3.25 each).

-When your hair is a little damp, coat it with conditioner and brush or comb it through. Throw it into a braid or bun and when you come out of the water, your hair will be silky and easy to run your fingers through.

-The conditioner will almost act like a styling product, and once your hair air-dries, it will be smooth and soft.

Summer to Fall Hair Style

“I like creating a look that is undone and messy, but with one element of your look that is still sleek and polished,” says Sarah.

1. Try a messy braid, but keep your bangs sleek. Pull your hair into a smooth braided topknot for a look that is professional, but fun.

2. Ponytails can also be a fun way to experiment with different styles depending on what mood you’re in.

-Try one that is slick and high by using Miraculously Smooth Gel ($3.25) to tame hair.

-As an alternative, keep your ponytail messy and textured with some Sprunch Spray ($3.25).

Guys Guide to Getting Clean

If you’re active and on the go, you can shower everyday but you don’t need to shampoo your hair. Use a little bit of shampoo to clean your SCALP and not your hair -- don’t glop it on! You don’t want to strip your hair of moisture.

1. Use the Deep Clean Shampoo or Daily Clean Shampoo ($5.94 each) to get a deep clean.

-Don’t forget about the back of your head and around the ears!

-Massage the whole scalp to stimulate blood flow, which then stimulates hair growth.

2. The Daily Clean 2N1 ($5.94) allows you to clean the scalp and get rid of residue, but also provides the benefits of conditioning. You get soft, conditioned hair for less work!

-Using a conditioner adds more weight to your hair so it will be less poufy and can also help condition a dry scalp.

Guys Guide to Getting Styled

The most important part of a guy’s head is the line that starts from the temples and goes around the head. This is your guideline for styling. Below that line, style down, and above that line, style up!

1. Aussie Men Maximum Hold Gel ($5.94) is a water-based gel, which will give you the hold you need while still being flexible and moldable … not crunchy! It will also evaporate throughout the day, making your hair feel lighter versus a heavy silicone-based product.

-Squirt the gel on a large flat brush or comb and evenly distribute throughout the hair.

-Take your fingers and piece it out.

2. Aussie Men Texturizing Wax ($2.97) will help enhance a great haircut.

-Take the wax between your thumb and forefinger and twist little sections of the hair to create the textured shape you want.

3. If you love product, use the gel as a base to tame the hair, then the wax to give definition.

A big thank you too Sarah for sharing her tips with TME readers! And for more styling tips, visit Aussie’s Unfair Hair Guide. Aussie products are available on the brand’s website and at CVS.

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