Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Merlot Skin Care Review

Happy Summer lovelies! Okay, granted it may not exactly be a “happy” considering that summer is in full swing and we’d all probably rather be sitting beach or poolside. But, The Makeup Examiner has found a new skincare line --Merlot Skin Care-- that might just bring a smile (and glowing skin) to your face.

Although TME left the business world far behind her, business has never left her. And she points this out to emphasize the importance of good business practices, which is what she found with Merlot Skin Care. The brand produces all products in the USA, all products are made from procyanadolic oligimers’ (natural grape seed antioxidants), Merlot Skin Care does not test on animals, the company is family owned and operated, and lastly -- Merlot Skin Care offers top-notch customer service.

Ah, but you didn’t stop by to read about the business side of Merlot Skin Care did you? So, I’ll move onto the products. I was sent quite a few products from this skin care line for a Bridal Editorial that I’m working on, but I felt that Merlot deserved a review of its own.

Readers know that I love any true multi-purpose product, so I’m starting with Merlot Skin Care 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil ($8). Yesterday, I committed one of the biggest (and dumbest) beauty sins imaginable … I fell asleep in the sun and yes, it lead to sunburn. I applied 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil to my skin and experienced instant relief. To the best of my knowledge grape seed oil doesn’t offer any analgesic properties, but the oil soothed my skin nonetheless. Aside from adding hydration to my skin, Merlot’s Grape Seed Oil can be used to nourish cuticles, repair split ends, heal scars, replenish moisture after shaving, hydrate dry and cracked heals, and makes for a great massage oil.

Next up is Merlot Grape Seed Cleanser ($11), which contains no soap making this cleanser super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. It effectively removed my makeup and left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Moving onto what should be your next step in any solid skin care regimen … toner! Merlot Skin Care Hydrating Toner ($11) is lightly scented and left my skin feeling prepped for the next step in my skin care regimen. While Hydrating Toner an excellent toner and perfect for sensitive skin, I’m unlikely to give up my Pixi Glow Tonic anytime soon.

Moving onto the next product, Merlot Skin Care Grape Seed Moisturizer ($17). Although there isn’t any fragrance added to this amazing product, Grape Seed Moisturizer has this light and lovely natural scent. The moisturizer absorbs quickly and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and incredibly hydrated without any greasy feel. Merlot Skin Care Grape Seed Moisturizer works fabulously as a moisturizer and as a makeup primer!

Rounding out this review is Merlot Skin Care’s Purifying Peel Off Mask ($15). For as biased as I am against peel off masks, okay truth be told I haven’t touched a peel off mask in years, I was actually impressed with this one. Purifying Peel Off Mask is surprisingly gentle and left my skin with a healthy glow.

It’s a little clich√© to state that Merlot Skin Care is like wine for the skin, but it’s true! Merlot Skin Care offers far more products then I’ve reviewed and you can find them online at Merlot.

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