Thursday, June 19, 2014

VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor’ Hair Style How To’s From Celebrity Stylists Paula Ashby & Pasquale Caselle

Paula Ashby, Department Head of VH1’s “Hit the Floor” Season 2 and Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director for IT&LY HairFashion are willing spilling the how-tos for these smoking hot looks.

Taylour Paige - "Asha Hayes" Devil Girl:

Paula's Styling Tips: On damp hair apply IT&LY’s Purity Pure Fluid Experience with some Pure Water Drops working it through the hair. Next, blow-dry in sections with a big round brush for some bend. To achieve her loose curls, spray some IT&LY Pure Volumizing Eco Spray and using a 1 ¼” wand iron, curl sections. Brush out the hair when done re-applying a small amount of Pure Water Drops to the ends and spray with IT&LY’s Purity Pure Volumizing Eco Spray to finish.

Logan Browning - "Jelena Howard" Devil Girl:

Paula's Styling: On damp hair apply IT&LY’s Thermoflat with a few drops of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops work it into the hair. For styling her hair a large round brush is used to blow-dry the hair completely straight. Next, apply a bit of IT&LY’s Pure Definition Paste to the mid-shaft and ends then taking sections to flat iron. When Logan's hair is finished, apply a few drops of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops to the ends and finish off with IT&LY’s Pure Definition Hair Spray. If a curly or wavy look is needed, after blow drying, use a 1 1/4 wand curling iron taking sections that have been sprayed with IT&LY’s Pure Volumizing Eco and curl sections. Apply a few drops of Pure Water Drops to the ends and finish off with Pure Definition Spray.

Taylor Ackerman (red head) "Mary Beth"

Pasquale’s Color Formula: Using IT&LY’s Aquar&ly color Pasquale achieved this camera ready beautiful copper color for Taylor. Mix 3 parts 8R (Light Copper Blonde) with 1 part 7RR (Copper Red Med Blonde) with 20-volume peroxide. Apply to the roots and leave on for 15 minutes, spray the lengths with IT&LY’s Equalizer to ensure even processing. Apply remaining color to the rest of the hair and gently massage into the hair for even coverage and allow to process for more minutes. After processing, shampoo with IT&LY’s ACP Chelating Shampoo and apply IT&LY’s Plusonda treatment to hair, rinse hair and style.

Paula's Styling: To achieve Taylor's casual beachy wave, on damp hair Paula applies a few drops of IT&LY’s Purity Pure Water Drops mixed in with IT&LY’s Thermoflat working it into her damp hair. Next, spray some IT&LY Pure Texture into the root area for added lift. When drying the hair, dry upside down with a diffuser, scrunching sections of hair to get a bit of bend to it. When hair is dry part hair to an off center part and taking chunk sections, spray each section from mid shaft to ends with a bit of IT&LY’s Pure Texture then use a large barrel curling iron to get the beachy wave look. Work fingers through the hair to loosen curls and apply a few more drops of Pure Water Drops. To finish, spray lightly with IT&LY’s Pure Definition Hair Spray.

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