Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are you guilty of committing beauty crimes?

From applying makeup to a dirty face to cleansing your skin too much, here are some of the most common cosmetics crimes that we inadvertently commit. Check out the list, find your beauty crime and stop it before your skin pays the price.

Applying make-up over what’s already on your face

“Freshening” your makeup midday or after work? Guess what? There’s nothing “fresh” about applying a new coat of makeup onto oily, sweaty skin. First of all, re-applying makeup over what’s already on your face will make foundation appear cakey, cause your mascara to clump onto your lashes and, worst of all, trap bacteria and sweat into your skin. The solution? For midday touch-ups, try a blotting sheet and then lightly apply finishing powder. Also, a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss will easily give you a refreshed look without clogging the pores on your face. If you’re heading out after work, take the time to remove all that sweat and dirt. Cleansing wipes are portable and effective, and then apply a fresh face.

Wearing makeup when you exercise

This is a great way to give yourself blemishes. As you work out, your body heats up and your skin becomes more absorbent. Makeup seeps into pores, trapping sweat and bacteria along with it. The solution? Cleanse your face before you workout and use a moisturizer with sunscreen. If you’re one of those people who absolutely won’t go bare faced, use a tinted moisturizer. But no matter, cleanse your face after you workout too.

Neglecting your neck and décolletage

Skincare doesn’t stop at your chin. Your neck and décolletage need to be part of your daily skincare routine, which should include applying sunscreen. If you don’t believe me, let me suggest that you wait until the end of the day, grab a cotton pad and cleansing toner, go over these areas and have a good look at how dirty that cotton pad is. When you’re finished being grossed out, remember that taking care of these areas will help the skin remain supple and youthful.

Pumping your mascara brush in and out of the tube

For whatever reason, a lot of women have this crazy habit of pumping the mascara brush in and out of the tube. This accomplishes absolutely nothing and if you have to pump the mascara brush in and out of the tube, you probably need new mascara. If you’re guilty of this beauty crime, here’s some motivation to stop. Pumping the mascara brush allows air and bacteria to get into the mascara tube, this causes the mascara to dry out and worse, pumping can contaminate the tube leaving you wide open to a plethora of icky bacterium.

Cleansing your skin too much

The worst crime on this front is over exfoliating your skin. Yes, we need to get rid of dead skin cells that can make our skin look dull, but over exfoliating can lead to bigger problems. Daily exfoliation on your face can cause dryness which leads to an over production of oil, causing blemishes and this beauty crime can also break capillaries in your skin. The solution? Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser and save the facial scrub for once per week.

These beauty crimes are a few of the worst. Hopefully, if you’ve seen ones that you commit you’ll stop and change your routine.

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