Monday, July 16, 2012

Bronzers do not equal a ‘Jersey Shore’ membership

We’re in the swing of summer and some of us haven’t had the opportunity or desire to catch a tan, but we still want that sun-kissed look. Between horrible splotching from misapplication and the orange, oompa loompa look of the cast of the “Jersey Shore,” bronzers have gotten a bad rap. These products are often viewed, as maintenance for the tanning addict it simply isn’t true.

Due to misuse and a bad rap, bronzers aren’t a usual staple in our beauty arsenal, but it is time to reassess and embrace the bronzer. When applied properly, bronzers give a sun-kissed healthy glow minus the sun damage.

The first thing is to choose the right color for you. A good rule of thumb is to chose a shade that is two shades darker then your natural color. The trick to a believable “tan” is to find a bronzer with just the right mix of red and browns, more like the colors you might find in your natural tan rather than anything too “Jersey Shore” orange.

When applying your bronzer, be sure to sweep the brush over your forehead, chin and nose, any area that the sun would naturally tan you. And remember to blend into your jaw and neckline. Also, if you’re wearing you’re hair up, apply bronzer to the back of your neck. For a night out, also brush along your shoulders and collarbone, this will provide the ultimate sun-kissed look.

In keeping with this season’s trend for metallics, a bronze eye shadow is a makeup bag must-have. One light stroke of a burnt sugar shade and you can look polished in seconds. For an evening out, up the intensity with a deeper, cognac shade. An unexpected vibrant flash of color will also make your eyes pop against your “tan.”

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