Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall 2012 Makeup Palette Preview

As we transition from summer season’s softer palettes, Fall 2012 is all about pulling from nature’s palette. The Makeup Examiner isn’t talking about earth tones, but the deep, rich colors of fall. Fall 2012 brings us a mix of dark mulberry, bright lapis blue, siren red and muted neutrals to balance.

Vivid and vibrant or mellow and muted, the eyes and lips are definitely drawing attention this fall. Bold, romantic smoky eyes with a pop of bright jewel-toned shadows in colors ranging from purple to green are hot. Hence the reference to lapis blue, due to The Makeup Examiner’s love of lapis lazuli gemstones.

The look for Fall 2012 is truly about color, but it’s an either or. As in either go for a bold look with your eyes or with your lips, but absolutely not both. Two of The Makeup Examiner’s favorite colors for this season are lapis blue and siren red. Of course, they cannot be worn together unless the look that you’re going for is “gradate from clown school.”

Recognizing that some readers may shudder at the thought of lapis blue or siren red, The Makeup Examiner simply chose her favorite bold colors to use as an example. Quite frankly, lapis blue was not on my list of colors but this fall is all about stepping out of our comfort zone and playing with color. The best part of about the Fall 2012 makeup palette is finding one fabulous bold color. That’s it, just one that you love.

For example, the “Romantic Smokey Eye” is hot for fall. And with this particular type of look, you add a pop of color and keep you lips neutral. You can go the other way, with choosing a deep, rich mulberry lipstick or glam siren red and opt for muted eyeshadow hues.

Remembering that any look begins with gorgeous skin, check out “Tips for a fresh, flawless face,” to start. The Fall 2012 face itself is neutral, so opt for a sheer pink or peach blush. And don’t forget to blend, blend, and blend. For an amazing tutorial on the “Romanic Smokey Eye” or “Howto wear red lipstick,” click on the title links. 

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