Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Makeup Trend The Red lipstick

While The Makeup Examiner is adamantly opposed to the crazy cat-eye, I’m completely in love with the hottest Fall 2012 makeup trend of red lipstick. Of course there is a hitch to this amazing color, not any shade of red will do for every person.

For example, The Makeup Examiner’s skin tone has yellowish/olive undertones so slapping the wrong shade of red on my lips and I’m pale enough to scare little children. But, with the correct shade its glam city! So how do you find the perfect shade for you?

Here are a few tips for selecting the correct shade of red for your skin tone. If you have fair skin tone then go for red lipsticks with blue undertones. The red should be deep and rich with no hints of brown or orange. If you have a pinkish skin tone then go for a matte red. Peachy reds are also a great idea for those who have a very pale white complexion.

If you have a neutral skin tone or medium complexion, opt for either blue based red tints or one with subtle hint of orange. A yellow mixed in your red shade is also a safe bet. Brick red looks great on those who have a yellow skin undertone. Cranberry is another great choice if your complexion falls in between. Also, reds with a brown base will suit the olive or yellow toned medium complexion.

Purple-based red shades look great on those who have a dark complexion or warm skin tone. Reach out for darker and deep hues of red, which have some black or plum, mixed. Burgundy and berry tints of red also work well on this skin tone. Warm shades of red like the sultry tomato red, maroon tinges, or brown reds are perfect. Terracotta or a muddy red is also a good choice. The red should be really intense and stand out.

If you still aren’t sure which shade of red to pick then do a test. Your skin should look bright and vibrant when you put on the red lipstick. If you look pale and sallow then you have opted for the wrong shade of red for your skin tone. Once you’ve found your perfect red, finish the application off with a clear gloss to really make those lips look luscious!

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