Friday, August 3, 2012

Fall 2012 makeup trends

Autumn and back-to-school are fast approaching leaving you to wonder what’s in for the upcoming season. You may have recently witnessed the crazy cat-eye, Amy Winehouse style, stomping down the runways, but rest assured only Amy could pull that look off. So, you’re asking, “What’s in for fall 2012?” And, dear readers, The Makeup Examiner has the answer!

Drum roll… Smokey eyes are big this season, especially with subtle pops of color. We’re not talking about the conventional Smokey eye. This look is subtle. A great reference to reframe your thinking would be to term it the “Romantic Smokey Eye.” The Makeup Examiner had the pleasure of consulting with cosmetic industry innovator, Caite Pywar of Lipsi Cosmetics, about this hot look for fall and back-to-school 2012. And Caite had this to say about fall’s hottest look.

For an attention-grabbing look that still keeps your face looking naturally beautiful, try the smokey eye with subtle hints of blue, purple or green. To draw further attention to your eyes, pull hair back into a loose braid, for an effortlessly pretty look.

Of course, the Romantic Smokey Eye alone is not going to give you a complete polished face and look. A fresh face is always in vogue, but especially this fall along with a strong brow. To complete this hot look for fall, finish your lips with a shimmery nude toned lipstick followed by a clear gloss like Lipsi’s Posh Gloss in Ouzo.

A quick review to achieve the perfect fall face:

Smokey eye with subtle hint of color
Strong brows
Fresh glowing flawless skin
Nude lips
Caite has put together a “how to” video to guide you to this hot look for fall. In the video, Caite uses Lipsi’s Camouflage concealer to begin building this look. Moving on to Turn the other Cheek blush in Justice and finishing with Aphrodite Powder to set the look of her skin. For the Romantic Smokey Eye, Caite uses Lipsi’s Underworld Palette and Native Shadow in Voyaged, finishing the eye with Alluring Lash mascara in Mavro. To complete the fall, back-to-school 2012 look, Caite finishes with Buttery Bliss lipstick in Golden Age and Posh Gloss in Ouzo.

Now, the Makeup Examiner owns the Native Shadow palette and can say with complete confidence that these shadows are amazing. They are highly pigmented, so a little will go a long way and although the shadows are in “powder” form, they have that wonderful creamy feel without the mess. Check back soon for an ode to the iconic Marilyn Monroe and how to get her stunning look!

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