Monday, August 6, 2012

Furless Cosmetics announces launch of PETA certified makeup brushes

Australian-based Furless Cosmetics, today announced the official launch of their cruelty-free and vegan certified professional makeup brushes. With the stamp of approval from PETA, this is fantastic news for consumers who want to look amazing without comprising their beliefs to not use animal-based makeup products.

As sponsors of Wildlife ARC, Furless’ goal is to offer a viable alternative to animal-based makeup products while still offering consumers and makeup artists a professional makeup brush set that can stand up to the top cosmetic brands in the industry. Since their launch, the company has garnered positive reviews from professional makeup artists as well as the consumer.

Coralie Ryan, a professional makeup artist who’s worked on numerous films, launched Furless in 2009 with the goal of offering cosmetics that are cruelty-free and vegan certified. Specifically, products that could be used by professionals in the cosmetics industry who wanted to align their desire for quality, cruelty-free products with the high standard of professional makeup artistry.

While the new Furless set was designed for professional makeup artists seeking an alternative to brush sets that use animal hair, the line has mass-market appeal and is also intended for everyone. For more information about Furless and the new makeup brush line, please click HERE

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