Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall 2012 Hair Color Trends

As summer fades into fall, our hair color shouldn’t. Enriching our sun-faded hair color is important and the hottest trends in hair color for fall 2012 are darker, warmer hues. Whether you’re bold blonde, brilliant brunette, racy red or beautiful black it’s time for a change. But, which hue is right for you?

For lighter-haired women, warming up your color with a beige tone can be a great way to transition your hair into fall. It’s a soft, subtle route to tone down your sun-kissed blonde and match the paler skin tone that comes with the cooler months.

Many brunettes gain natural highlights during the summer, but they can begin to look washed out. So, if you’re looking to give your brunette locks the fall treatment, consider going warmer and darker. Your color change need not be extreme, just a subtle color like espresso is an awesome way to add both warmth and dimension to your color.

Redheads sometimes face the challenge of summer-faded locks. The color for fall 2012 is copper. And yes, brunettes can choose to go this route as well for a soft accent. Black hair color for the cooler months is one of the Makeup Examiner’s favorites and leaves her somewhat envious. Just as in the warmer months lighter colored hair tends to shine the reverse is true for the cooler months. Deep blue-black is the it color for black hair.

As for the Ombre look that you may have been reading about, really? Do you seriously want to look as if you didn’t care enough to color your hair? This look is as bad as the crazy cat eye that every designer is attempting to shove at us. Choosing the correct hair color for yourself can be tricky and yes, it’s fun to play with color but ultimately if the color isn’t the correct hue for you or is an over the top trend, you’re going to be left looking silly.

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