Monday, September 10, 2012

Makeup Application Order

Happy Monday readers! Well, The Makeup Examiner has been receiving a lot of email from readers with a lot of questions about makeup. And although I’ve answered readers individually, The Makeup Examiner thought that it was about time to share answers to commonly asked questions. No worries my lovelies, the Makeup Examiner will continue to respond to each email individually. Yes, the Makeup Examiner knows that Mondays can feel more like MonDAZE, but have yourself another cup of coffee and join me for answers to your makeup and beauty questions.

This Makeup Monday question comes from Jemma K. of Brisbane, Australia. Jemma asked: “Is there a certain order of applying makeup that I need to follow?”

Yes, there most definitely is. And following the proper order of makeup application is super important, but also super easy. To ease what can sometimes be confusing, just remember the purpose of each makeup product and think of your face as an artist’s canvas.

For example, an artist begins with a clean canvas and so too should you. Dear readers, you have read the Makeup Examiner reference clean skin and I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. Clean skin before makeup application and do not go to bed wearing makeup! Moving on…once you have your clean “canvas.”

Moisturizers, foundations and concealers are designed to even out the skin’s texture and tone. Moisturizer should be applied first unless you’ve opted to use a tinted moisturizer versus foundation. In the instance of using tinted moisturizer, you’ve accomplished two tasks in one by both moisturizing your skin and evening out its tone.

After you’ve applied moisturizer, you then apply concealer to cover any blemishes or discoloration of the skin. Next is foundation. Foundation evens out your skin tone and as always, remember to blend your foundation to avoid “mask face.” Lastly, applying a dusting of finishing powder and the result at this point of your makeup application should be a clean-looking, smooth, fresh complexion upon which the rest of your makeup will be applied.

The next step is to apply contouring makeup, which would be eyeshadow, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, and lip color. How you choose to apply eyeshadow obviously depends upon your desired effect, but eyeshadow is the next cosmetic to be applied, which is followed by liner and lastly, mascara. To many, it may seem obvious to apply mascara last, but I mention this because I’ve witnessed too many women applying mascara, then eyeshadow and then more mascara because their eyeshadow has gotten on their lashes.

Next apply your blusher. The last steps are the finishing touches. If you choose define your eyebrows and your opting for a simple sweep with an eyebrow comb, you can do this now. If you opted to define your brows with pencil, powder or liquid, this needs to be applied after you’ve done your eyeshadow. Last but not least, your lovely lips. The Makeup Examiner’s personal preference for a finished face is lip liner followed by lipstick and clear gloss. 

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