Saturday, September 1, 2012

Makeup tips for newbies

Okay, so you’re headed back to school soon and this year, you want a new you. You want to show your classmates and friends that you’ve matured and you are finally ready for makeup. But, wah wah… you don’t know anything about makeup. What’s the difference between foundation and tint? How do you apply all this stuff?

The first rule of makeup for a newbie is less is more. You want to show everyone that you’ve matured, not that you went crazy with your mommy’s makeup kit. Let’s start at the very beginning, which is your skin. Before you put a single pigment anywhere on your face, you have to learn how to take care of your skin. Bonus: learning how to take care of your skin now will payoff for a lifetime.

It's best to choose a gentle face wash that won't dry out your skin or cause breakouts. And, no matter what, never go bed with makeup on your face. After you cleanse your skin, follow with an oil-free moisturizer.
To conceal or not to conceal
Don't believe sales clerks who tell you that you absolutely must wear foundation. If you have gorgeous skin and chances are that you do, why cover it up? Start of with a tinted moisturizer versus foundation. For occasional blemishes, you can use a concealer. Remember to use the concealer only on blemishes and use it sparingly and end with a finishing powder.
There's one thing you need to know about eyelashes, and it is this: An eyelash curler is essential. It may take a little work to master using an eyelash curler so, don’t get discouraged. Also, you will probably find that the curler gives you look that you want and you’ll be able to forgo mascara. Before heading the pigmented mascara route, try clear mascara first.
Those rosy cheeks
Everyone looks better with a little color in her cheeks, but this is one area where a newbie can end up looking like a clown. A shear blush works best and go easy. The objective is to give your face a bit of color.
Lips like wine
Well, not really. Remember that less is more. Lip gloss versus lipstick is the route to go. Glosses will give a modern pop of color and shine.

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