Friday, October 26, 2012

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

So you’re going to a Halloween party tonight right? And you still haven’t figured out you’re Halloween costume. Realizing that at this point, it’s too late to order online and even if your local Halloween store has something, you’re likely to fight crowds and overpay for a cheaply made costume.

Check out these super easy costume ideas that you can grab by hitting up the mall on your lunch hour or after work!

Lindsay Lohan – Everyone’s favorite celebrity train wreck! Okay, honestly I adore Lindsay that aside, a LiLo costume is super sexy and easily accomplished. LiLo’s trademarks are her lips, the unforgettable “Victoria Gotti” blonde hair and the electronic cigarette.
  • Lips - Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment Sheer Pink ($6.99 USD) available at CVS or Walgreens.
  • Blonde Hair – Hair extensions are available at Sally Beauty Supply starting at $6.99 USD
  • Electronic Cigarette – Smoking is gross, but you can opt for blu eCigs that are available for $12.95 USD at Walgreen’s or Duane Reade.
  • Sexy Dress – if you have something in your closet, New Year’s Eve level, then you’re ahead of the game. If not, you can pop into H&M and grab a New Year’s Eve worthy dress for under $35 USD with an added bonus that you can actually wear the dress for New Year’s Eve! For approximately $47.00 USD you have an amazing costume and a sexy New Year’s Eve dress!

Rocker Girl – This is such an easy costume and you’ll most likely wear the main accessory again.

  • Hair and Makeup – Go wild! Crazy, sexy hair and heavy makeup begin this look. Check out the hair and makeup tutorials HERE!
  • Clothes – You most likely have a tight top and jeans in your closet. The main accessory for this costume is the leather jacket, which you can pick up at Forever 21 for $34.80 USD. It’s faux leather and cute enough to wear again.
  • Accessories - Skull or Stud Accessories finish the Rocker Girl custom. Add an awesome skull ring from H&M for $7.95 USD or if skulls aren’t your thing add a chunky, stud ring from Forever 21 for $5.80 USD. For approximately $45.00 USD you have a rockin’ costume and a jacket that you’ll wear again!

Flapper – This is a timeless costume and so easy to put together.

  • Hair – For short to medium hair lengths, create a wave in your hair and for long hair you can either create a wave and tuck your hair back or go for all out curls. Of course you need to add a flapper style headband, which you can grab at Forever 21 for $3.80 USD.
  • The Dress – H&M has a flapper-style dress for $49.95 USD and you can re-wear this dress around the holidays and no one will even notice it was your Halloween costume.
  • Long “Cigarette” – the ticket to looking like a flapper is the long cigarette. Again, opt for a blu eCigs! For approximately $67.00 USD you have a bangin’ costume and a fantastic dress for the holiday season!

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