Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tips and Tricks for All-Day Lip Color

Personally, I’m not much on lip stains. I find them to be drying and they fail to deliver. So, going old school, there are a few tricks to extending your lipstick wear power without using harsh lip stains.

1. Apply foundation and finishing powder to your lips.

2. Lipliner is a must always because it gives our lips a finished look and allows us to accentuate or define our lip line.

3. After you line you lips, use your lipliner to fill in.

4. Lightly apply a cream colored eyeshadow around your bottom lip and cupids bow. This highlights your lip area and really makes your lips pop. Make sure to blend in eyeshadow!

5. Apply your lipstick using a brush. If you’re going for luscious red, try Lipsi’s Buttery Bliss Lipstick in Siren.

6. Finish your lipstick application with a light application of clear gloss!

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