Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is a Beautynista?

Ugly is not a physical flaw, but is of one’s character ... choose beautiful! 

So maybe you’ve read my blog or maybe not. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea for people to know a little about my philosophy on life and beauty.

Life itself, well many say, “Life is short.” That simply depends upon what side you’re looking from and where you are in your journey. Waiting to find out if you’re a donor match for your sibling ... life is long and the experience can’t end quickly enough. Of course knowing that you are indeed a match, but you can’t donate because your sibling is too far along, well life goes by in an instant. Every memory flashes by in an instant. I rarely cry, of course writing this is making me cry. Along with not crying, I rarely speak in any detail of my brother Michael’s illness. Aahhh, but you didn’t stop by to read about my brother ... so moving on and getting to my point about life. Enjoy every moment. Find the good inside the bad and always embrace those you love.

You’ll see the little quote, “Ugly is not a physical flaw, but is of one’s character!” That is truly what brought me to write today. I have a dear friend Joyce. Is Joyce a conventional beauty? No, she isn’t. She is not the buxom blonde that is coveted by so many, but she is a dark-haired, green-eyed stunner. Far from Joyce’s outer attributes are her inner ones. When a family member of mine was diagnosed with PTSD, it was Joyce who immediately began to research for the best treatment. And then there’s Laura. I have known Laura since I was 14. Although sometimes a buxom blonde, she is also not what one may consider to be a conventional beauty, but she is wicked smart and incredibly funny and most importantly a person that I can call upon 24/7/365. Rest assured that at the end of day little Miss Kate Upton ain’t got nothing on these ladies.

Why is that? Why is it that a woman, such as Kate Upton, pale in comparison beauty to my beloved friends? It’s simple really. Beauty truly comes from within. It’s the light, laughter, and love that you project that makes you beautiful or a lack thereof that makes you horrifically ugly. By the way, I know plenty of conventionally gorgeous people, who get a complete fail in humanity. One of you is probably reading this right now and sadly, won’t even realize how sincerely ugly or beautiful you are. The bottom line, there is no such thing a physically ugly human being. You are beautiful if you choose to be!

For The Guys: What is a Suavie? Not to be confused with the overly used “Metro-Male”, a Suavie is any male who may engage in the most basic of personal hygiene (daily bathing/clean clothes) or go full-tilt with grooming, style and manscaping. That’s right ... you don’t have to be a “polished” guy in order to be a suavie ... just a clean one and a guy that actually values others!

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