Friday, November 23, 2012

Acquarella Nail Water Color Polish and Nail Care System Review

Happy Friday my lovelies! The Makeup Examiner hopes that your Thanksgiving was full of fabulousness and guess what? The weekend is here! Even better news, I’ve been on the hunt for natural and organic products. So, imagine my delight when I found a nail polish company whose products are non-toxic and water-based!

In 2004, the team at Acquarella introduced an alternative to toxic lacquer-based polishes that ruled the market. The result, Acquarella Nail Water Color Polish. But the big question is whether or not a water-based polish stands up against conventional nail polishes? So, I spoke to Mark Deason at Acquarella, who by the way is a delightful gentleman and is extremely knowledgeable about healthful nail care, and had him send me the Acquarella Nail Water Color Polish regimen.

There is a reason why The Makeup Examiner is referring to Acquarella as a regime. Take everything that you currently believe about healthful nail care and through it out the window! What I received from Acquarella Water Color Polish was the Acquarella buffer kit ($3.95), Acquarella Water Color Conditioner ($16), Acquarella Water Color Polish in Winsome and Plasma ($16), and Acquarella Water Color Remover ($6). So let’s get to the get and check out the good, the bad and the beautiful about the Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish system.

Acquarella products are vegan. They are not tested on animals and are free of animal products. Along with those obvious pluses is that Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish doesn’t smell. There is not icky odor! Yay! But you can’t just jump in and start to use the polishes. It takes a few days of commitment to switch over from a lacquer-based product to a water-based one and this is by no means a minus as the pay off is big.

Day one - Conditioner Application. Remove existing nail polish. Wash hands and nails with soap and warm water. Buff nails to create a smooth, clean nail surface. Rinse and dry hands and nails to remove the debris from buffing. Prepare nails with Acquarella Remover. Apply two thin coats of Acquarella Conditioner. The Conditioner dries to a gorgeous shine! Mark recommended that I apply the Conditioner for 3 to 4 days and not to use conventional remover as it contains oils and emollients. Mark also emphasized applying thin coats.

Never one to listen and on a mission to test the heck out of this polish, I took the logical approach of removing all debris from nails by buffing my nails and washing my hands, but I slopped on two thick layers of the Conditioner. Two days later with my nails still shiny, I removed the Conditioner using Acquarella Water Color Remover. The Remover sort of suds up a bit, has no foul smell and was super conditioning to my nails.

I washed my hands, made sure there wasn’t any debris and slopped on two coats of Winsome (an opalescent deep purple with copper metallic) onto one hand and Plasma (a vivid red creme) onto the other. Yes, Mizz Impatient couldn’t wait to try Acquarella’s metallic or creme. Both delivered amazing color and shine. After I polished my nails, I promptly went on to wash a sink full of dishes. Yes, I survived dish duty and shockingly so did the Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish! This is day four and not a chip in sight.

The bottom line with the Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish, which is available in 37 shades, is that it is an overall win. Non-toxic and safe for children, as well as super conditioning, the Makeup Examiner rates this polish as number one. With the holidays just around the corner, the Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish system goes on the Makeup Examiner’s Holiday 2012 Must Have list! Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish is available at Acquarella. And for The Makeup Examiner’s Philly Girls, stop by the TierraMia Organic Nail Spa.

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