Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movember Inspired Nail Art

Happy Thursday my lovelies! Tomorrow is Friday, November 9 and for those of us in the United States, it’s been an exhausting week due to our presidential election, which was quite the nail biter! So Friday cannot come soon enough and the Makeup Examiner intends to break her schedule and actually enjoy the weekend. Speaking of nail biters…The Makeup Examiner has found an awesome way to support our guys, during Movember, via the cutest Movember inspired nail art!

Are you asking, “What is Movember?” Founded in Australia in 2003, Movember has developed into a global movement encouraging men to grow out their mustaches for the 30 days of November. By growing out their mustaches, men have the opportunity to educate and raise funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, which a whopping one in six men will experience their lifetime.

Oh no! Was that a collective groan regarding moustaches? Understandably, you may have a mixed reaction to a moustache on your man. But during Movember while our guys are growing out their moustaches, we should show our support and once you acquire the basic skill for a simple nail art moustache, the look is limited only be your own creativity.

Creating a moustache on your nail is not as difficult as you’d think. With a toothpick and a little patience, you can create this simple look with ease!

  1. Coat your nails with a soft pink, beige or blue.
  2. Using a toothpick and a black nail polish, make two black dots in the center of the beginning of your nail tip.
  3. Create two smaller dots on both sides of the center dots, close to the side of your nail.
  4. Connect the center dot to the smaller one with a curved line. Then connect the top of the dots with another curved line.
  5. Fill in the each side of the mustache with the toothpick using a stippling (dotting) motion.
  6. Add a topcoat and you're ready to go!
Check out the nail art moustache tutorial HERE! Once you’ve created your Movember nails, email The Makeup Examiner with a picture! Check back soon for a review of a whole new nail care and nail art system!

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