Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Recognize A Beauty Rut

It’s another Monday readers and with it comes another Manic Makeup Monday question from a TME reader. So Happy Monday my lovelies and let’s get to this Monday’s question!

Today’s Makeup Monday question comes from Makeup Examiner reader Kate M. of Payson, Arizona, USA. Kate asks: “I have done my makeup the same way for a while and I think that I look good, but my friends think that I need to change my routine. How do I know if I’m stuck in a [beauty rut]?”

Friends are a great source for feedback about our fashion or beauty choices, but ultimately the choice is yours. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what looks good on you. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see, can be a positive sign of a healthy self-esteem. But, there’s a reason why Kate reached out to me versus taking the advice of friends.

There actually are very clear signs that indicate when you’re in a beauty rut. At the top of The Makeup Examiner’s list is this: Different stages of our lives are the “tell” of change. If you are one year out of university and you’re still sporting the same hairstyle and makeup, you are in a beauty rut! Even worse, if you’re 10 years out of school and still sporting the same hairstyle and makeup, you’re in a beauty emergency! Just yesterday, The Makeup Examiner was poking around at Ulta. The woman who was working the prestige department obviously hadn’t changed her beauty regimen since the 80s. My instinct was to sit her in the chair and give her a makeover!

Moving on … here are a few clear signs that you are stuck in a beauty rut and tips for a change up.

1. You've had the same skincare routine for the past five years.

Tip: Healthy skin is the first rule of beauty. Throughout our lives our skin changes and so too do our skincare needs. You’re not on your own in helping you decide what’s best for your skin. You can go to the cosmetics department at any department store and receive a free skincare consultation. You can also sit at your computer and receive recommendations based upon the information that you provide.

2. You’ve just purchased a “new” eyeshadow, you wear your “new” eyeshadow and no one notices your “new” eyeshadow because your brand new eyeshadow is the same hues that you’ve always worn.

Tip: If you’re in a beauty rut, then changing from your favorite hues of eyeshadow is going to feel scary. Experimenting with different colors is fun and right now for the holiday season, more than a few cosmetic companies are offering a full palette of their eyeshadows so you don’t have to break the bank to find what’s right for you. Aside from that bonus, you’re not alone in learning how to apply your new shadows in a new style. There are a plethora of makeup tutorials available on YouTube and my personal favorite is Lipsi TV channel on YouTube.

3. The only time you experiment with a new lip color is if it comes as a free gift with a purchase.

Tip: Red lip color is your friend. Honest. Not only is red THE color this season, it’s sexy and powerful. Of course, you do have to find the correct hue or you’re going to look like a clown. Did you just get scared? Good. Sometimes you have to jump into the deep end of the pool. Understandably, not everyone is ready to jump into the deep end and that’s okay. You can still get out of that beauty rut without an extreme change. Again, this time of year more than a few cosmetic companies are offering a palette of their lip colors.

4. You wear the same shade of nail lacquer and have a good cache of bottles in the same hue.

Tips: Nail polish is the easiest part of a beauty routine to change and as we head into the holiday party season you’ve just gotten the perfect excuse to try fun shimmery polishes or a beautiful dark mulberry. The only no-no, if you’re over 15 years old, electric blue, neon green and the like, are going to look real silly.

5. You've been debating for the past two years whether or not it’s time to change your hairstyle.

Tip: The Makeup Examiner is infamous for growing my hair long, waking up one day and going for a short style. For me, it’s always about change. Whether I need to make a change in my personal or business life, it always seems to start with my hair. But, I digress. One of the reasons that I’m comfortable with doing this is that I know my hair will grow back and no, I’m not suggesting that anyone go for an extreme change. But, if you’ve been contemplating a change or you’ve been sporting the same do since university, it’s time to consult with a stylist. 

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