Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dita Von Teese late to her own perfume launch

Dita Von Teese kept fans waiting for her Rouge perfume launch at Fred Segal in West Hollywood on Dec. 15. No, Dita Von Teese is not a diva. The gorgeous 40-year-old star apparently has an ornery cat.

Dita, who is always dressed to the nines, was just about to put on a vintage Thierry Mugler suit when she found her cat Aleister napping on her outfit. Dita tweeted: “Slightly late to my perfume event at Fred Segal because this happened to my freshly pressed vintage Mugler suit” above a picture of the adorable feline lounging on her suit. Arriving only 45 minutes late, Dita was impeccably dressed.

Rouge is Dita’s second fragrance and it includes notes of orange, bergamot, pink pepper, smoked Lapsang Souchong tea, magnolia, woody tones, and raw amber. Dita’s first fragrance, “Dita Von Teese” was previously unavailable in the United States, but can now be order at RonRobinson and Rouge ($50.00 USD) is also available at RonRobinson and select retail outlets. Catch Dita Von Teese discussing her latest perfume HERE!

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