Thursday, December 20, 2012

Moroccanoil Body Soufflé Review

Hello again lovelies! Many of us know about Moroccanoil Hair Care products and how amazing the argan oil infused hair care products are. But did you know that early this year, Moroccanoil introduced a line of body care products?

Since I have Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream in my beauty arsenal, I had to find out if Moroccanoil for Body was as extraordinary as their hair care products. In the Moroccanoil for Body product line is: Moroccanoil Body Buff, Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Treatment, Moroccanoil Hand Cream, Moroccanoil Cleansing Bar and Moroccanoil Body Soufflé.

The Makeup Examiner got her hands on Moroccanoil Body Soufflé ($52.00 USD 6.4 oz) and I’m in love! As many of readers know, I tend to have issues with dry skin on my elbows. This rich formula of anti-oxidant argan oil and creamy shea butter transformed my skin the moment that I applied it.

Aside from the fact that Moroccanoil Body Soufflé is extraordinary for the skin, it has the most delicious scent. I opted not to use my signature Chanel perfume. Yep that was a first, as I love my Allure, but the soufflé really smells THAT good! Moroccanoil Body Soufflé is a luxurious treatment that is now part of my beauty arsenal. Will the Makeup Examiner be trying out the other body products? Yes she will and when I do, you will get the 411. Moroccanoil for Body is available at the Moroccanoil website and select luxury retailers.

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