Friday, December 14, 2012

The Art Of Shaving: A Product Review For The Gentlemen

Hello lovelies! On the Makeup Examiner Facebook page, I posed a question to the gentlemen about grooming. Specifically regarding manicures. While each gentleman who answered all agreed that they were comfortable with getting a manicure, not all were willing to do so. This begs the question – Are guys uncomfortable with pampering themselves?

The Makeup Examiner has spent her entire life surrounded by the male species; four older brothers, male housemates, nephews, my best friend … you get the picture. I have a great appreciation for the male gender, which is why I endeavored to write this review and brings me back to the question I posed above. This answer is yes and no. Yes, a lot of guys won’t go out of their way to try luxury grooming products and no, once they’ve been introduced to them, guys will use them!

Obviously, I couldn’t write a review about fabulous men’s grooming products without enlisting my fabulous male housemates. Did I get reluctance? YES! The guys were hesitant to try “fussy” stuff, but I was hopeful.

The Art Of Shaving sent me The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave Mid-Size Kit ($60), which contains Pre-Shave Oil ($16), Shaving Cream ($17), After-Shave Balm ($18) and Black Badger Brush ($55). Right off the top, as an introduction to The Art Of Shaving products, the $60 kit offers a $46 savings! I also received The Art Of Shaving Travel Kit & Razor ($170) in Lemon Essential Oil and Unscented. All products are available in Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender and Unscented.

Both of my housemates are guys that use whatever shaving cream is on sale at the drugstore and prior to using The Art Of Shaving products; a luxury shaving regime was not on their bucket list. The guys began the regime with Pre-Shave Essential Oil and applied Shaving Cream with the Badger Brush, which was a new experience for both. Each said that the shave was much smoother then they’re used to and they gave four thumbs up for to the After-Shave Balm, which soothed their skin and allowed them to skip a day of shaving. One preferred the unscented and the other loved the Lemon scented kit, as did his girlfriend.

Aside from my manly man housemates giving a five star review of The Art Of Shaving products, the kits meet TSA guideline so it’s perfect if you’re traveling for the holidays. Bottom line, no matter if us women like you corporate or cowboy, we love you cleaned-up! And ladies, these are amazing gifts for the guy in your life! The Art of Shaving products can be found on their website and at select retail outlets. As always, the Makeup Examiner hope that readers have found this review to be helpful and for those that use The Art of Shaving products, leave a comment below!

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