Monday, January 21, 2013

Germ-Proof Your Makeup

Happy Monday lovelies! The Makeup Examiner had a doctor’s appointment last week and uncomfortably shared the waiting area with several flu-stricken individuals. Realizing that the flu season arrived early and the CDC reports that although the number of flu patients is on the decline, the flu is expected to make a return. With this in mind, now is a good time to review do’s and don’ts to help keep the germ fest away from your makeup.

To begin with, how many times have you been in the ladies room and had a friend ask to borrow a lipstick or gloss? You, like most, probably never give a second thought to handing over that tube. Stop! No one likes to appear stingy, but sharing lip products is a fantastic way to share germs. Actually sharing any beauty products or tool is a fantastic way to share germs.

Start fresh. You don’t necessarily have to throw out all of your makeup, but it may be time to cleanup a bit. If your makeup is filled with germs, so too is your makeup bag. Years ago when I began to travel a lot; I got into the habit of having a carry-on with me. I learned rather quickly that a plastic makeup bag helped avoid major makeup mishaps. I also came to realize that a plastic makeup bag is easier to clean. So, beginning with your makeup bag, empty the contents and wash the bag with antibacterial soap. Make sure that the bag is thoroughly dry before replacing the contents.

Speaking of the contents in your makeup bag, when’s the last time you checked them? If an item has changed color it’s time to get rid of it. For specific items, check out the Manic Makeup Monday article, “When to throw away your makeup.” After you've decided what to keep, you need to take care not to bring germs back into that clean makeup bag. Wipe off the top off your lipstick, sharpen your pencils, and clean your makeup brushes, etcetera. As a general rule, sharpening your lip or eye pencil prior to each use helps to keep everything germ-free.

The bottom line of “germ-proofing” your makeup is to keep everything clean, throw away expired makeup, and don’t share. It also doesn’t hurt to get into the habit of using hand sanitizer when you’re out and about. Toss one in your makeup bag; keep a bottle in your car and at your desk.

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