Friday, January 4, 2013

Ineke Perfumer: The Alphabet Collection

Happy Friday my lovelies! Many women would not think to set out their front door sans makeup; I on the other hand would not ever leave my home without wearing perfume. Many happy memories are evoked by certain scents and my passion for perfume can be attributed to my father when at age 12, he gave me a bottle of Muraski by Shiseido upon his return from somewhere. I was hooked and thereafter, anytime my father traveled I could expect a bottle of some lovely scent upon his return.
I could go into the long history of perfume, but I’ll save that for another day. What I will share with you is that perfume making was once an artistry. Yes, you can still walk down the streets of Paris and find perfumeries, but not so much in the United States. Which is one of the things that make Ineke so incredibly unique. The woman behind the curtain at Ineke Perfumer is Ineke Ruhland, who combines 25 years as a perfumer with her instinctual visual artistry.

The Makeup Examiner had the pleasure of receiving Sample Collection Vol. 5 ($25.00 USD), which includes a nice sized sample (1.5ml each) of all eight perfumes in The Alphabet Collection. This was an exquisite treat and it felt like I’d received a magical gift from a close friend. With eight unique scents ranging from floral to woodsy, I was able to pair my perfume choice with my mood. And just a spritz lasts all day … Ineke is true perfume.

The Alphabet Collection:

  • After My Own Heart
  • Balmy Days & Sundays
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Derring-Do
  • Evening Edged in Gold
  • Field Notes from Paris
  • Gilded Lily
  • Hothouse Flower
Ineke Perfumer offers several collections and individual perfumes are 2.5oz $95.00 USD. When you peruse the website, you can almost feel what each perfume expresses. The Sample Collection Vol. 5 is the perfect place to begin an Ineke scent adventure and with Valentine’s Day not so far off, I can’t imagine any women not wanting to receive such a luxurious gift. Ineke’s perfumes and collections are available at the Ineke Perfumer website and select retail locations

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