Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Product Review

Happy Thursday my lovelies! The Makeup Examiner hopes that the week has gone well for you and if it hasn’t, it’s almost Friday. (YAY!) And as we ease toward the weekend, I figured that I’d share my experience with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. It’s sort of a given that we all love makeup, but sometimes we simply can’t spend a lot of cash. When the Makeup Examiner spotted Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, I had to find out if this mass cosmetic company could deliver and offer a decent alternative to pricier brands.

As my loyal lovely readers know, with cosmetics the Makeup Examiner looks at two main qualities, pigment and consistency. Despite an affordable price, if a cosmetic doesn’t perform its intended purpose, then there’s no bargain to be had. So let’s get to the good, the bad and the beautiful about Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.

Today, the Makeup Examiner is going to review Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Pure Pigment Eye Dust (2.5 grams $4.99), Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow (2 grams $3.99), Jesse's Girl Eyeliner ($1.99), Liquid Glass Lip Gloss (.18 oz $3.99), In The Mood – Color Changing Lipstick (3.8 grams $2.99), Julie G Collection Nail Polish (.35 oz $3.99) and Jesse Girl High Intensity Nail Color (.35 oz $2.99).

Moving on to the products. Much to my surprise Pure Pigment Eye Dust and Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow delivered really good pigmentation. Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Blackstar Blue is amazing for a traditional smokey eye and Starshine is a shimmer lover’s dream. Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow in Plum Frost didn’t have the greatest consistency, but did deliver with color and although the other shadows (and products) are made in the USA, Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow is made in China. Jesse's Girl Eyeliner in Dark Brown and Silver Frost both had a silky feel and nice pigment. The eyeliner was easy to apply and has a convenient built-in sharpener top!

Liquid Glass Lip Gloss is gives plenty of shine with a smooth consistency and good color. In The Mood – Color Changing Lipstick is too fun. First and foremost, the lipstick glides on and delivers a nice shade. And then there’s the color-changing factor. I tried out Envy that is pea green in the tube, but changes to a mid-pink when applied.

The Julie G Collection Nail Polish was curated by top beauty vlogger, Julie Gutierrez and is available in 27 fun shades. Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color, with colors like Confetti and Fools Gold, offer an amazingly versatile range for anyone who loves to play with polish.

Overall, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics offer decent mass makeup at an affordable price and are perfect for anyone who likes to play with fun shades … without breaking the bank. Jesse's Girl Cosmetics are available online and Rite-Aid stores. 

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