Tuesday, January 22, 2013

M.A.D Skincare Product Review

The Makeup Examiner has never been a sun worshiper, but at the moment, I could do with a little warmth from the sun. It seems that as the days get colder everything suffers from the winter blues including our skin.

Maximum Active Dermaceuticals (M.A.D) Skincare has a line of skin brighteners aimed at delivering radiant skin through blending their knowledge of science and nature. The Makeup Examiner received five products from M.A.D Skincare’s Brightening line and here’s the good, the bad and the beautiful.

Today’s review includes, Radiant Brightening Mask (2.0 oz $38), Illuminating Daily Moisturizer (1.7 oz $50.00), Radiance Brightening Night Cream (1.70 oz $54), Spot On Targeted Skin Brightening Serum (0.50 oz $42) and C4 Intesiv Brightening Serum (1.0 oz $98).

The Radiant Brightening Mask is a creamy mask formula delivered via a squeeze tube with a twist-off cap. The mask has a good consistency and is easily applied to the skin. Made from Emblica Fruit Extract, a multi-vitamin C complex, Licorice Extract, and Elderberry Extract it’s designed to penetrate skin at the cellular level and boost brightness from within. Radiant Brightening Mask really took away all that winter dullness and brightened my skin without leaving it dry. The mask is gentle enough to leave on overnight.

Keeping with the skincare regime, I’ve been using Illuminating Daily Moisturizer. The Illuminating Daily Moisturizer is delivered via a convenient pump-top and is a lightweight moisturizer that contains Emblica Fruit Extract, a multi-vitamin C complex, Mulberry Fruit Extract and Bearberry Fruit Extract. The moisturizer has a light berry scent, is fast absorbing, and is super hydrating without leaving skin oily.

Moving on to the Radiance Brightening Night Cream, it has the same convenient pump-top as the Illuminating Daily Moisturizer with the same amazing fruit extracts, but I found it to be too moisturizing for my particular skin type. Now, that is absolutely not to say that Radiance Brightening Night Cream doesn’t work … it does. I have an issue with finding a night cream that isn’t heavy on my skin. It’s a personal preference.

I have to say that one of my favorite skincare products from M.A.D Skincare’s Brightening line is the Spot On Targeted Skin Brightening Serum. The Serum is delivered via a convenient pump-top and is for targeted brightening of dark spots and uneven skin tone. It worked amazingly well to brighten underneath my eye area!

C4 Intesiv Brightening Serum is my favorite product from the entire Brightening line. This is most definitely an intensive treatment delivered via a convenient pump-top, but it is not harsh. C4 is packaged with 4 types of vitamin C, is fast absorbing and delivers results quickly. M.A.D Skincare offers various lines for all types of skin care needs and products are available at M.A.D Skincare.  

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