Monday, January 7, 2013

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Hello lovelies! Quite a few of you have been asking if I’ve stopped writing “Manic Makeup Monday,” and the answer is ... nope. The Makeup Examiner simply took a brief holiday over the holidays. So, you can count on reading a Manic Makeup Monday article on January 14 and you can always subscribe to the Makeup Examiner for free, as to never miss out on new content!

Anyway, I’d begun to really notice that certain cosmetics don’t look as good on me as they once did. With this realization staring me, quite literally, in the face, I modified my makeup routine and figured that I go over a few makeup mistakes that truly age your face.

Too Much Foundation and Finishing Powder – Actually, applying a ton of foundation and finishing powder doesn’t look nice on anyone, no matter their age. But, it really looks awful the older that we get. Instead of piling on foundation in an attempt to cover age spots or wrinkles, seek out an appropriate product. If you’ve been using the same foundation for the past ten years, it’s probably time to switch formulas. As for finishing powder, if you’re using the correct foundation and also applying it correctly, you shouldn’t need more than a dusting of finishing powder to set your foundation.

Not Using Blusher – As we get older and even when we’re simply tired, we already look washed out. Applying a little blush brightens up your face, of course applying too much blush does also. So, go for a light touch!

Shimmer Cosmetics – The bottom line with cosmetics containing shimmer is that they are meant to highlight. As we get older and begin to get fine lines, shimmer accents those lovely lines and ages you!

Neglecting Your Eyebrows – I believe that a face isn’t really finished without some type of eyebrow grooming, but as we age the hair on our brows tend to get thinner. A nicely finished eyebrow makes a huge difference in how old we look. For readers that need to brush up and/or learn about eyebrow definition check out “Manic Makeup Monday: How to define your eyebrows.”

Black Mascara or Eyeliner on your Lower Lashline – I personally really dislike the look of black eyeliner on the lower lashline unless it’s applied to a fully done up eye. But for anyone over 40, just say no. Black eyeliner at the lower lashline is a very dated look, does not compliment your eye and makes you look older. If you like a fully lined eye, opt for soft colors. As for mascara, mega lashes will be super hot for Spring/Summer 2013, but again, if you’re over 40, just say no to heavy mascara on your lower lashline.

Forgetting your H2O – Staying hydrated is good for your body and that healthful habit will show on your face! Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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