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Charles von Abercron: A Look At The Man Behind The GLOSSYBOX Brand

Charles von Abercron - Courtesy of GLOSSYBOX

With the recent announcement that GLOSSYBOX Founder and CEO Charles von Abercron will be stepping down from his position as CEO effective Dec. 31 and that Dr. Caren Genthner-Kappesz will be stepping in, we thought that we’d do our own version of Throwback Thursday. TME is sharing an archive interview with Charles von Abercron from February 7, 2013 … because one should never forget where they came from. 

This Interview Was First Published on February 8, 2013

Hello lovelies! Yesterday, Feb. 7, I had the opportunity to interview Charles von Abercron, the founder and global CEO of GLOSSYBOX. Charles is currently in New York City for Fashion Week and truth be told, The Makeup Examiner was curious at the prospect of interviewing this well-traveled global beauty industry innovator. But, what was I going to ask the man behind the brand of the luxury beauty box -- GLOSSYBOX?

Well, I began with a very an archetypal Q&A, but the answers that I received were far from what I’d expected. With my first question being the very basic, “How did you start?” I was surprised to learn that a mere 19 months ago, what has become a global luxury beauty box brand, had humble beginnings in a tiny, windowless office in Berlin.

The Makeup Examiner: What inspired you to create GLOSSYBOX?

Charles von Abercron: Through my travels, I noticed the beauty around me and with all the [exotic] products from around the world, why not gather them for all to enjoy?

What keeps you inspired?

The desire to introduce customers to beauty brands that they may not have the opportunity to know.

How do you feel about GLOSSYBOX being referred to as the “Birchbox-Clone”?

I’m quite comfortable with this. Obviously [we] viewed other beauty box subscriptions, but [we endeavored] to offer something unique.

GLOSSYBOX has curated boxes with Refinery 29 and Man Repeller, which I find quite brilliant. Can you give any hints as to who GLOSSYBOX will be collaborating with in the upcoming months?

I can’t give names, as this is one of the elements that makes GLOSSYBOX so exciting. I can tell you that we have many wonderful surprises in store for 2013. (Sorry lovelies ... I tried.)

As a global beauty leader, what do you predict will be the hottest beauty trends for S/S 2013?

I wouldn’t necessarily predict specific trends for beauty. I see a continued interest for wonderful skin care, well made beauty tools and nails. The nail art trend has really taken off and [embellishments] of ladies nails has become as necessary as having the perfect set of shoes for an outfit.

What is the one absolute that you’d like my readers to know about GLOSSYBOX?

Everything that we do at GLOSSYBOX is done with the customer in mind. Care taken for our costumers is of utmost importance. We want them to truly feel like they’re receiving a luxurious gift each month.

What would you wish my readers to know about Charles von Abercron, the gentleman behind the brand?

Actually, I’m quite shy. (OMG! Don’t you just love it!) I’ve dedicated my heart and soul into the [GLOSSYBOX] brand. I want women to feel wonderful and receive products that they would not otherwise know of.

For anyone who has not taken the opportunity to try GLOSSYBOX, you really are missing out on a genuine luxury experience that could only be born from a very genuine gentleman. The only rumor that the Makeup Examiner was able to confirm is that the February GLOSSYBOX will be filled with jet-setting inspirations from fashion weeks around the world. Every beautynistas dream!

GLOSSYBOX offers 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions plans beginning at $21/month and the savings go up with the length of your subscription. Each box is beautifully packaged and contains 6 sample and full-sized luxury beauty products, a postcard that describes each product, plus an amazing GLOSSYBOX magazine that give tips and tricks! 

Note: A very special Thank You to Charles von Abercron for taking the time to speak with TME!

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