Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EcoTools Reveals Women Beauty Secrets

EcoTools announced on March 25, survey results of the “Living Beautifully Survey” which reveals why our love of makeup is here to stay. The survey, conducted by EcoTools, explored how and why women wear makeup, our must-have items and how the latest trends influence our makeup style.

We already know that women have had a strong connection to cosmetics … beginning with Cleopatra's kohl-rimmed eyes. But today’s woman seeks to emulate the look of those oh so stunning Hollywood celebrities. Survey findings reveal that three in 10 women want to attain Jessica Biel's natural beauty, while another 30 percent desire Jennifer Lopez's radiant glow and thirteen percent covet Mila Kunis' smokey eyes.

Brushing up on makeup application … More than 98 million American women, ages 18 years and older, wear makeup. The average age for women to begin using makeup is 16 and despite years of makeup application experience, only 13 percent of women feel they are extremely knowledgeable about using makeup brushes correctly.

Further findings of the survey reveal that 56 percent women say it's important to have their makeup bags, complete with cosmetics and tools, with them wherever they go and would never leave home without their makeup bag. Nearly seven in 10 users tend to use the same set of makeup brushes for all the looks they create, transitioning from natural to a night out.

With so many women wearing makeup, it's no wonder there are a multitude of reasons for getting glammed up. Topping the list, 81 percent of women say they do something to give their face a youthful glow, such as wearing makeup or coloring their hair. 55 percent say they feel more confident when wearing makeup, and they spend the time to prove it. On average, women spend 12 minutes applying makeup each day, and 37 percent spend 15 minutes or more of their time to apply their cosmetics.

When it comes down to flaunting our favorite feature, it's a toss-up between lips and eyes. Fifty eight percent of us almost always apply lip color before leaving the house while others accentuate their eyes with mascara (53 percent), liner (48 percent) or shadow (36 percent) before walking out the door. And, in a nod to recent trends, more than half of women would consider applying false eyelashes for a special event.

Nearly three in 10 women have never swapped out old brushes for new ones. (Yuck! Makeup Brush 101!) Of those who do, 40 percent say they wait until the bristles begin to fall out. Given that makeup brushes, just as with cosmetics, have a finite lifespan, it’s important to find quality, affordable brushes. The Makeup Examiner has shared with readers that EcoTools added several new additions to their line of earth-friendly makeup brushes. New 2013 individual products include the Face & Body Sculpting Brush ($12), Large Foam Applicator ($6), Deluxe Fan Brush ($7) and Detailed Lip Brush ($4). Sets include the Fresh & Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set ($15) and Day-to-Night Set ($17).

The new makeup brushes are now available in stores everywhere, so there is no excuse not to switch out your brushes! All EcoTools brushes are made with bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and super-soft and cruelty-free synthetic bristles. To find a retailer near you, visit

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