Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harry’s Shaving Product Review

The Makeup Examiner has reviewed a few high-end men’s shaving lines for her lovely readers. Despite having received great feedback from the guys that I enlisted to help review them, I’ve had doubts about the average guy opening his wallet to drop a few hundred dollars on upscale shaving products. Yes, the lines provide a luxury shaving experience. But, can a similar experience be had with a less expensive line like Harry’s?

Harry’s is the latest men’s shaving line to drop onto the market. Having launched less then a week ago, on March 14, The Makeup Examiner was astonished to see a lot of media focus on Warby Parker co-founder, Jeff Raider, and none on the product itself. Seriously? Where were the reviews? Does anyone who’s going to purchase shaving cream really give a crap about some dude who made geeky eyeglasses “super cool”? Probably not.

What may be of interest to a consumer, regarding Jeff Raider’s work, is that Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses for every pair purchased. And this model of giving has been carried over to Harry’s. Jeff Raider and Harry’s co-founder, Andy Katz-Mayfield, implemented the “Give A Shave” program into the company’s profile. That aside, the million-dollar question is … Do Harry’s affordable shaving products work?

The Makeup Examiner received The Truman Set ($15) from Harry’s. This set includes a Truman handle ($10), 3 blades ($6), and a tube of shave cream ($8, 3.4oz). With the set in one hand and my two housemates roped together in the other, I shoved them in the bathroom and told them to shave. Okay, I didn’t. Truth be told, I asked (begged) politely if the guys would again be my guinea pigs. Seriously though, my friends and family know by now that if I have a box under my arm they are going to be asked to try something! Whose fault is it if they can’t run fast? I digress.

Beginning with Harry’s Shave Cream, which has a really light minty scent and is a blend of natural ingredients like licorice, milk thistle, and cucumber plus marula and coconut oils, both guys reported that the shave cream lathered well and left their skin feeling hydrated. The Truman handle has a zinc alloy core and is available in white, olive, orange and navy! Both guys loved the feel of the handle, stating that it provided nice control.

As for Harry’s blades, one of their selling points is that the blades are engineered in Germany. To this The Makeup Examiner says, “Is there any where else on the planet to receive superior craftsmanship for blades?” Aside from the blades themselves, the design of the cartridge is amazingly flexible, which a both guys reported gave them a close, smooth shave. When asked if either would purchase Harry’s, both said “yes” to the handle and blades, but “uh, not really” to the $8.00 shave cream. Of course … their girlfriends’ both said that they would buy the guys Harry’s Shave Cream. Harry’s Shaving Products are available at the brand's website, please keep in mind that as of March 19, a few products have a wait-list. 

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