Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Free Hair Apps for Spring

Spring has sprung and it seems that with the new season, many of us are considering a new look. And not just the typical hair color change from deeper winter hues to warmer spring shades, but a real change. Perhaps you’ve been considering a total hair makeover with a completely new hairstyle and color change.

Of course a major change can be overwhelming … especially when it comes to our hair. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be. iTunes has several amazing, and free, hair apps that allow you test a new style or color before you take the leap to lovely. Check out the list, download an app or two, and try out that new style or color before your next appointment at the salon. Scroll to bottom for video.

Hair Makeover - Upload a picture of yourself or your boyfriend (if he needs a little makeover) and within minutes you’re presented with four new hairstyles and a plethora of hair shades.

Hairstyle Wizard - available at iTunes -This app asks you tap on various choices that best describes the look that you’re going for and then returns suggestions that are customized for you hair type and even the event you may be attending. Perfect for all those upcoming weddings and summer parties!

Celebrity Makeover - How often do you see a celebrity style and think, “I’d love that look!”? We all do and with this app, there are tons of celebrity hairstyles to choose from. I’m guessing that there are a lot of women who wish that this app had been available prior to going with the Pixie!

Virtual Hair Makeover - This app provides international flair! With hairstyles from Tokyo’s top salon, NORA, that are constantly updated, you simply can’t run out of choices. And the app allows you to save and share with friends … after all; we count on our girlfriends for input when it comes to a major style change! Plus this app includes super cute frames.

Beautify Free-Hair Colorizer -  Beautify is definitely geared to those who are seeking a real hair color change. This app is incredibly easy to use and will digitally color your hair so that you can have a really good look at an extreme color change. Just for fun, you can change your eye color also … the only problem with this app is that you may find yourself playing with different looks for hours!

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