Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Hair Color Trends

As cooler months give way to warmer weather, it is time again to change up our tresses. Enriching our winter-weathered hair color is important and the hottest trends in hair color for summer 2013 are sassy, vibrant hues. Whether you’re bold blonde, brilliant brunette, racy red or beautiful black it’s time for a change. But, which hue is right for you?
Platinum blonde is super hot this season. Before you cringe at the thought of harsh peroxide, keep in mind that formulas have changed and are much gentler than the bleach blonde processes of yesteryear. If you choose to go this route, after color care is a must! Marco Collagen Color Guard hair care products are perfect to keep those gorgeous tresses bright and beautiful versus brassy and yellow.

Many brunettes gain natural highlights during the summer and that’s always a pretty look, but to gain a real pop, try this season’s rich colors like cherry wood or deep mahogany. The deeper hues may sound more fit for winter, but they sparkle in the sun and are far more striking than you’d think.

Redheads sometimes face the challenge of summer-faded locks, so again, after color care is a must. Red was the IT color for 2012 and The Makeup Examiner is not seeing this trend stopping anytime soon. Celebrity colorist Marco Pelusi, (Yes, the creator of Marco Collagen Color Guard), gave a two-day seminar on “Hollywood Reds” at the IBS in New York City April 14-15. The rich, sexy hue is so amazing that The Makeup Examiner is considering going this route.

Aside from the sexy reds, black hair color for the warmer months is one of The Makeup Examiner’s favorites and leaves her somewhat envious. With the warmer months lighter colored hair tends to shine, but the reverse is true for black. Deep blue-black is the “it” color for black hair.

While color chalking ruled for 2012, it was a flash fad. If you’re looking for something bold, try the hot catwalk trend of a streak of color via a bright extension. An accent piece of color can be amazingly dramatic and far easier to achieve. And yes, Ombre is still a major look and yes; The Makeup Examiner still hates it! Choosing the correct hair color for you can be tricky. It’s fun to play with color but ultimately if the color isn’t the correct hue for you or is an over the top trend, you’re going to be left looking silly. So, if you’re opting for a serious change it may be best to consult with a professional colorist.

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