Friday, June 14, 2013

Hourglass offers ‘Immaculate’ acne-fighting makeup solutions

June is National Acne Awareness Month and with nearly 60 million Americans affected by this common skin disorder, it’s a good time to discuss a new solution. But, let’s begin with a few statistics.

Here’s a look at the stats from the American Academy of Dermatology:
  • Acne is the number one skin disorder in the United States.
  • 95% of people will experience acne at some point in their lives.
  • 30% of women ages 20 to 60 are troubled by breakouts.
  • 14% of women battle acne well into their 40s.
  • Facial scarring due to acne affects nearly 20 million Americans.

Dermatologists refer to acne that does not clear by a person’s early-20s as persistent acne. This type of acne is more common in women. Persistent acne tends to form on the lower face, predominately around the mouth, on the chin, and along the jaw line.

The Makeup Examiner was rather fortunate to dodge the “teen acne” years, with just the occasional inconvenient breakout. I had great skin … and then I hit 30. It was like, “Happy 30th Birthday!!!! Have a big, painful zit!!!!” Acne at 13 is much different from acne at 30. That birthday surprise gave me a little insight into the challenges that severe and persistent acne sufferers encounter when attempting to find non-irritating makeup solutions. A new innovative makeup solution to hit the market is Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation by Hourglass.

Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is a breakthrough liquid to powder formula that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long-lasting velvet matte finish. Shortly after launching Immaculate in Spring 2012, Hourglass received an influx of emails from customers claiming Immaculate had cleared their skin. This prompted Hourglass to commission a 4-week consumer study of 30 women with oily, acne-prone skin.

The dramatic results were released at the beginning of June:
  • 100% reported an improvement in overall skin appearance and skin smoothness 
  • 100% reported that the product worked without drying skin out 
  • 83% reported a decrease in oil production and the need for touch-ups 
  • 80% reported a visible improvement in acne scars 
  • 70% reported a visible improvement in pore size 
  • 63% reported a reduction in the severity of breakouts

The Makeup Examiner tried Immaculate and loved the silky feel, gorgeous matte finish, and long-lasting wear. Of course, my experience with persistent acne is nominal, so The Makeup Examiner enlisted intern/friend, Mallory, to put Immaculate to the test. Mallory is 24-years-old, with sensitive skin, and avoids wearing foundation because it irritates her skin. Here’s what she had to say about Immaculate:

“Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is long lasting and I enjoy that in the summer weather, as it won't sweat it off my face. It's oil-free, and for someone like me who does not wear foundation often, I like this perk that Immaculate provides because it means no breakouts. [Immaculate] really does have a flawless finish. It's very face friendly.”

The Makeup Examiner would not have believed that makeup could be part of an acne-fighting skincare regime had it not been for the study and testimonials. What’s rather astonishing is that Immaculate bridges the gap between skincare and cosmetics, and does so without using ingredients like salicylic acid, which can lead to severe dryness and flaking. For women dealing with problematic skin, the idea of a foundation that delivers a flawless finish and at the same time helps clear a complexion is quite astounding.

Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation ($55) is offered in 16 blendable shades from Pearl to Chestnut and you can view consumer testimonials here. Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation by Hourglass is available at the website and select retail locations across the United States and Internationally. 

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