Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sealed With A Burberry Kiss

In the digital age, communication has become so impersonal. Do you remember when you used to send handwritten notes or the feeling of receiving one? Although the recently launched “Burberry Kisses” campaign still utilizes technology, there is no denying that Burberry has returned romance and whimsy to loves and lovers across the globe.

At the end of June a collaborated effort between Burberry and Google has made kissing someone, anywhere on the planet, seem very real. The idea behind the “Burberry Kisses” campaign is to provide a more personalized way to send your loved ones a little love, no matter where they are, by allowing you to send your very own kiss imprint.

The Campaign allows users two ways to send some love. The first is to visit Burberry Kisses and pucker up in front of your webcam. From that point “kiss-detection” technology captures your beautiful pout. The second option is to use you iPhone and actually kiss the screen. Yes, The Makeup Examiner tested “Burberry Kisses” from her phone and yes; it was odd to kiss my phone … publicly. But that is where any oddness stopped.

After your kiss is captured, you’re given the option to choose au naturel or one of five shades of Burberry lipsticks like, Union Red, Devon Sunset, Bright Plum, Nude Beige, or Tea Rose, to really personalize your pout. Once you’ve chosen the perfect pout imprint and color, write a short message to the recipient and send it via email or Google +. The virtual envelope containing your message, and sealed with your kiss, will then fly across a 3D landscape to the recipient’s destination.

The recipient has the option to display their “Burberry Kiss” across various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Each kiss that has been shared receives a spot on a real-time interactive map, but there is an option to keep your kisses private if you so choose. “Burberry Kisses” isn’t limited to lover, as The Makeup Examiner sent plenty to friends and family across the globe. Watch the video about to learn how to send your kisses, and then, send some love to someone far away or right next door. 

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