Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back-To-School Budget Beauty and Makeup Tips

Whether you’re headed back-to-school as a “seasoned” beautynista or are a B-I-T (Beautynista In Training), finding budget beauty products that actually work can be a real challenge. Furthermore, if you are a B-I-T, you may not have the knowledge that you need so as to not waste your money. Spending $3.99 on a product that doesn’t work is $3.99 that you’ve just wasted and that could have been put towards something that you really wanted. Over the past year, The Makeup Examiner has been fortunate to review several brands that are super budget-friendly and actually do what they’re supposed to do.

The first rule of makeup for B-I-T’s … less is more. If this is your first back-to-school year with makeup, you want to show everyone that you’ve matured, not that you went crazy with your mommy’s makeup kit. Let’s start at the very beginning, which is your skin. Before you put a single pigment anywhere on your face, you have to learn how to take care of your skin. Bonus: learning how to take care of your skin now will payoff for a lifetime and for seasoned beautynistas … if you don’t have a skin care regime it’s time to start one!

A great skin care regime is, well, a great thing. But The Makeup Examiner is acutely aware that not everyone is going to go through the entire process. For those of you that just can’t, or even for those that do but are occasionally lazy, Bioré Make-Up Removing Towelettes (30-count $7.99) effectively removes makeup and is oil-free. If you’re seeking a budget friendly, yet effective, skin care line, check out the Pond’s Luminous Clean. Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser ($7.50), Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser ($7.50), and Luminous Moisture Day Lotion with SPF 15 ($6.70). Back to Bioré, if you’re seeking acne prevention or treatment products The Makeup Examiner recommends Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub ($5.47) or Bioré Acne Clearing Scrub ($5.47).

Now that we’ve gotten through some skin care advice, let’s move onto the fun stuff! To conceal or not to conceal … that is the question. For B-I-T’s, don't believe sales clerks who tell you that you absolutely must wear foundation. If you have gorgeous skin and chances are that you do, why cover it up? Opt for a light BB cream and this goes for seasoned beautynistas too. Although The Makeup Examiner is head-over-heels about Pond’s brand new Luminous Finish BB+ Cream ($9.99), the formula may be too much for B-I-T’s. An amazing budget friendly BB cream is Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector ($9.99), as it’s a lighter formula.

If you want to add a little kiss of blush, or really go for contouring, CoverGirl Clean Glow Blush ($6.94) is the way to go. CG’s Clean Glow Blush is a 3-in-1 multi-shade compact that will let you customize your color. And you can use just one color or all three. Moving onto the eyes, The Makeup Examiner discovered NYC New York Color Cosmetics and was blown away that this super budget friendly brand delivered products that are highly pigmented and work amazingly well.

NYC New York Color introduced several products earlier this year starting with HD Color Trio Eyeshadow ($2.99) offered in 12 different color palettes giving endless options to play. Next on the NYC Color list is Big Bold Curl Mascara ($4.99), which has a hydrating keratin-rich formula and offers those big, bold lashes that are so hot this season. For B-I-T’s, The Makeup Examiner recommends investing in an eyelash curler, and possibly forgoing mascara. Last, but so far from least, is Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss ($3.99), available in 12 luscious shades NYC’s lip gloss offers both a mega shine and lip plumping for the perfect pout.

Wrapping up your back-to-school budget beauty bounty is Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics nail lacquers. The brand has twice collaborated with Julie G, first on the Julie G Nail Polish Collection ($3.99) and again on Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Julie G Frosted Gum Drops line ($3.99). The Makeup Examiner as a quick little secret for grabbing more savings: Before you head to the store, check out a brand’s Facebook page, as they often post coupons. For example, Pond’s is currently offering an addition $2 coupon off of their BB cream. And hey, if you lovelies know of any great deals, share them in the comment section!

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