Monday, August 12, 2013

Demi Lovato ‘Rocker Chic” At The 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Demi Lovato never fails to surprise on the red carpet and at the Aug. 11 Teen Choice Awards, Demi again proved why she makes for one of the most interesting celebrity’s with her 80s Punk inspired look. Her dramatic, edgy look was absolutely fierce and is absolutely attainable.
20-year-old Demi served as presenter, performer, and nominee at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards and did so looking fresh and edgy. Sporting an intense smokey eye, Demi made this the focal point of her makeup look. With dramatic black eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow the key to this powerful look is to play down everything else.

Demi followed the “either or” rule to rock the intense smokey eye, choosing to play up her gorgeous eyes and keep the rest of her makeup very muted. Her cheeks showed just a kiss of color, as did Demi’s lips. Check out The Makeup Examiner’s “Fall Makeup Palette Preview” for an easy guide to the “either or” look.

Now that we’ve reviewed, and revered, Demi Lovato’s makeup, let’s check out Demi’s hair with celebrity stylist Adir Abergel, as he reveals exactly how he created Demi’s hairstyle for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards and gives an exclusive “how-to” to TME readers! Inspired by 1980’s punk, Adir created a modern half-up version of the pompadour. The structural look is accented by loose waves that give the edgy style a touch of soft femininity.

How To:
  1. Begin by applying volumizing spray at the roots
  2. Next apply Orlando Pita Rejuvenating Hair Treatment Oil on ends to create shine and protection from heat
  3. Follow this by “rough-drying” the hair until it is completely dry
  4. With a round brush, blow-dry the sections from the hairline to the crown smooth
  5. Clip the smooth area and section off. Using a one-inch barrel curling iron, create waves through the rest of the hair. Hair should be loosely curled.
  6. Next apply Sexy Hair Powder Play to create a matte texture.
  7. Backcomb the hair from roots to hairline to create height and structure.
  8. Slick back the hair tight on the both sides of the face starting at the temple and secure at the back of the head with a bobby pin.
  9. Finish by hand raking the top section to create the modern pompadour. Secure with bobby pins and finish with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray.

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