Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall Hair Color Trends With Celebrity Colorist Marco Pelusi

As summer fades into fall, and we surrender our flowy dresses, it’s time to change up our tresses with fall appropriate hair color hues. So on Aug. 29, The Makeup Examiner checked in with world-renowned celebrity colorist, Marco Pelusi of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood. In a TME exclusive, Marco offers readers the hottest trends and amazing hair colors for Fall 2013. Aside from being the “Master of Color,” Marco truly believes in making women feel beautiful and this is why The Makeup Examiner went straight to Marco for the hottest Fall 2013 hair colors.

The Makeup Examiner: For several seasons ombre has ruled as the hair color trend. Will we see this trend for Fall 2013?

Marco Pelusi: When the ombre trend first arrived, it was rather extreme. Frankly, I believe the trend occurred simply because a celebrity, or two, got caught in a photograph with their dark roots showing. A photographer probably quickly snapped a shot of this … and it simply caught on. I think Sarah Jessica Parker was the first one way, way back in her “Sex and the City” days. The trend caught on, and became extreme, with women wearing super dark roots and super blonde midlengths and ends.

So, what do you see happening to the ombre trend?

What's occurring now, as does with most trends, is a softened, refined version of the ombre for Fall 2013. Whether you're blonde, brunette, or even red, this is the color trend that's hot for fall. A deeper base/root color, but with a gradual lightening of the hair with soft highlights strategically placed several inches away from the scalp. Essentially, the highlights blend in softly.

Who’s wearing this look right now?

Some celebs that are wearing this look right now are Kate of England, Khloe Kardashian, and Rachel Bilson. Rachel Bilson has always had some version of ombre for years, and is now wearing the softened ombre. The softened ombre is the hot color trend for Fall 2013!

How can readers get the softened ombre?

When you're at your hair colorist/stylist next time, ask for some soft highlights throughout the last few inches of your hair. For the trend to truly work, your hair needs to be just about to hit your shoulders, or longer.

For a general seasonal color transition, what would you recommend? What’s hot in hair color for Fall 2013?

As autumn approaches, it's time for us [to go to deeper hues]. It's the time of rich burnt oranges, rusts, rich red hues -- gone are the days of the yellow brightness of the summer sun. We must reflect this in our hair color.

Marco recommends the following:

  • Blondes – Adding a touch of deeper golden lowlights are a grand idea, to create a buttery blonde and add richness and depth to that old bright summer blonde.
  • Redheads – More of a cooler red is a good idea -- tell your hair colorist to add just a drop of blue into your bright yellow orange summer red formula -- just to cool it off a bit and become more autumnal -- a touch of auburn.
  • Brunettes – Get rid of any brightness or faded areas, and become a rich brown again. Chestnuts and chocolates are the brunette shades for brown in the fall -- adding a drop of red and/or gold to the formula can create more of an autumnal look.
  • In general for the autumn, going one to two shades darker is a good goal, especially as we head toward the holiday time. Of course it's always a good idea to consult with your hair colorist and see what works best with your skin tone and your own individuality.
Okay my lovelies, there you have it from the color God himself. Softened Ombre is the hot hair color trend for Fall 2013 and it’s time to transition to deeper hues! The Makeup Examiner adores so many things about Marco and watching him work is pure artistry in action. For any professional colorist, TME highly recommends attending one of Marco’s seminars (if you can get in) or snagging up one of his instructional DVDs.

Marco has created a line of cruelty-free hair care products especially for colored treated hair, which you can check out by visiting Marco Pelusi Studios. Note: A very special thank you to Marco Pelusi for taking the time to chat. It was a true pleasure.

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