Friday, August 9, 2013

Off To College Makeup Essentials

Whether this is your first year away or you’re a seasoned beautynista returning to another year of the collegiate life, there are crucial essentials that every college girl needs. And sometimes even the most experienced beautynista forgets a thing or two. Of course there are the basics, which The Makeup Examiner will cover, and then there are the makeup products that are a must-have to incorporate into your beauty cache.

Let’s start with the basics. First, get yourself a really good makeup bag. The Makeup Examiner loves Apple & Bee Carry All Traveller ($69.95) realizing that this makeup bag be a little pricey for the college woman, you can opt for any travel makeup bag. But trust TME, you’ll want a travel-type makeup bag that is large enough for all of your products and is convenient to hang in the dorm bathroom. After you’ve decided what you’re going to haul your makeup cache in, you need to stock it with basic essential tools.

Essential Beautynista Tools:
  • Cotton Rounds – Rounds are simply more versatile then cotton puffs
  • Cotton Swabs – From smudging in a smoky eye to cleaning up smudges
  • Manicure Kit – Every woman needs a decent manicure kit and right now, Ulta is offering a free manicure kit with purchase
  • Tweezers – Do I need to explain this one?
  • Makeup Brush Set - EcoTools offers a 6-piece set ($12.99) with it’s own case
Now, that you have the beauty tool essentials together, you can gather you’re makeup essentials. The Makeup Examiner has specifically chosen CoverGirl cosmetics due to their price point, high level of quality, and extensive shade availability. CoverGirl is one of the few companies that cater to an array of women.

Best Face Forward:

  • BB Cream - CG Smoothers BB Cream SPF 15 ($6.24) is available in four shades and instantly covers to even your skin tone. Why is a BB cream an essential? BB creams are multipurpose products, which saves you time when trying to get to that 8 a.m. class, and are somewhat lighter in consistency then foundation.
  • Foundation - Of course there will be many times when you’ll want full coverage and that’s when you’ll want your foundation. Clean Whipped Creme Foundation ($6.99) is available in 10 shades, has a hydrating (not oily) formula, and provides breathable coverage.
  • Blush - Any college girl knows that space is an issue! Clean Glow Blush ($6.99) is a blusher trio that’s available in two different palette hues, which enables you to go for a light kiss of color or go for full on contouring. The Makeup Examiner chose this particular product because of its versatility.
The Eyes Have It:

  • Eye Shadows - Flamed Out Shadow Pots ($3.99) come in 12 fierce, expressive shades and feature blendable colors packed into a tight powder formula. Space Saver!
  • Shadow/Liner Combo - Flamed Out Shadow Pencils ($5.99) are a 2-in-1 gel shadow and eyeliner in 10 hot, blendable shades. The creamy formula glides on smoothly and is perfect for creating a multitude of looks. Time Saver!
  • Eyeliner - Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus ($5.99) is available in 6 shades and creates high impact looks, which last for up to twelve hours … perfect for that cram session with the cutie down the hall.
  • Mascara – The Makeup Examiner loves these two CoverGirl products. Flamed Out Mascara ($5.99) creates volume and comes in a water-resistant formula, which I’ve found to be fabu when I want a lush look but need to get out the door. And then there is the amazing CG Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara ($8.49). This is THE mascara for the girl that loves the falsies look, but not that hassle. Farwell to falsies (and clumps) with the lash extension formula and innovative curved brush!
Lip Service:

  • Lipstick versus Lip Gloss - Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm ($4.99) is one of The Makeup Examiner’s favorite items. Available in 12 shades, CG Smoochies hydrates, and delivers a sheer color and shine. Lip conditioning ingredients including cocoa, mango, aloe and shea butters, which is sure to make this a staple in your makeup cache.
Nail It:

  • Nail Lacquer - A million years ago, TME’s auntie told her that the first thing people notice are your hands and nails. I’m not sure that I believed her at the time, but upon meeting a person for the first time I catch myself scanning their nails. With that said, in July CoverGirl launched a limited edition version of their Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss called Glosstinis. Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis ($2.99) are a mini bottles of their super glossy big sister and are available in nine shades, which means that you can grab all nine without the worry about your polishes taking up too much space.
What are your must-have makeup products? What advice would you offer to a first year beautynista? Leave your lovely advice in the comment section below!

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