Monday, September 9, 2013

Jane Cosmetics Re-launched Makeup Review

You may remember Jane Cosmetics as an iconic cosmetics favorite from the 90s. Well, the brand is back with an exclusive Ulta Beauty partnership that debuted in August. And when The Makeup Examiner was approached to do a review, I was beyond thrilled. With charming product names like “Empowered”, “Graceful” and “Inspire,” Jane Cosmetics is really trying to encourage women to embrace their personal beauty. The brand is socially conscious via their “Friends of Jane” program and is listed as a cruelty-free company.

Upon the brand’s relaunch, Jane Cosmetics Owner/CEO, Lynn Tilton issued the following statement: “In bringing back the Jane brand, we wanted to provide women access to the most innovative technologies in beauty, the most fashion-forward colors and designs, and the impeccable quality of high-end products to foster her confidence in her look and her choices.” Jane Cosmetics is a budget-friendly brand. So the question is whether or not Ms. Tilton accomplished her lofty goal?

When The Makeup Examiner reviews an entire line, what I’m searching for is a consistency of quality throughout the collection of offerings. This is especially important for a budget-friendly line like Jane Cosmetics with products ranging from $6 to $20, as one could easily purchase multiple products from the brand, spending a tidy sum, and then realize that one or more of the products aren’t so wonderful.

The Makeup Examiner was sent a plethora of products from the new line … everything from Jane Eye Primer ($8) to a Giving Back Makeup Bag ($12). There is no doubt that the brand offers a complete line of makeup products and fashion-forward palettes. But again, who cares if they don’t perform? Let’s read on to find out!

Beginning with Jane Eye Primer ($8), it’s a great primer, period, and for the price … wow! The eye primer offers all-day wear and is available in one universal color.

Jane Cream Eye Shadow Jane Eye Shadow - The irony of offering an eye primer in this line is that Jane Cream Eye Shadow ($8) and Jane Eye Shadow pots ($8) are so highly pigmented, and of such outstanding quality, that the use of primer with these shadows is kind of unnecessary unless you have rather oily skin.

Be Beautiful Multi-Benefit BB Cream with SPF30 - Next up, Be Beautiful Multi-Benefit BB Cream with SPF30 ($16). The first thing that TME noticed was the SPF30 and the next, the light lovely scent. So many BB creams have this chemical odor so it was refreshing to find a very light floral smell and furthermore a budget-friendly BB cream that really works.

Jane Bronzing Powder - Moving onto two really interesting products, Multi-Colored Bronzing Powder ($12) and Multi-Colored Cheek Powder ($12) both offered a silky feel and amazing versatility with color and contouring. Now, if you’re a bronzer girl who prefers her bronzer straight up, Jane Bronzing Powder ($10) has to be one of the most highly pigmented bronzers that The Makeup Examiner has worked with.

Multi-Colored Powders - The last product, in the face product category, is Multi-Colored Correcting Powder ($12) and The Makeup Examiner can confidently state that Jane’s $12 product is on pair with Guerlain Meteorites Pearls ($58). The multi-colored powder allows for quick and easy correcting to obtain flawless looking skin.

Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liner and Eye Line Pencil  - Focusing back on the eyes, Jane Cosmetics offers Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liner ($8) and Water-Resistant Pencil Liner ($6). The Makeup Examiner isn’t a fan of water-resistant eye products. It is a personal preference I simply don’t like them. With that said, both products offer amazing stay-put color. But the Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liner blew me away! The precision brush is one of the easiest that I’ve worked with and made for an easy application from thick to thin lines.

ph Adjusting Stain Gloss - The last three products in this lineup are all about your pretty pout. ph Adjusting Stain Gloss ($7) is initially clear and changes color according to the pH level of your lips. At first, The Makeup Examiner was like, “Where’s the color?”. After a few moments I found a really pretty shade with a high-shine gloss.

Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss and Intense Color Lip Gloss are both priced at $7 each. The Makeup Examiner wasn’t able to discern a difference between the two products. Of course that’s not to say that either were bad. As a matter of fact, each has a great berry scent, rich color, easy to apply slanted tip and great shine.

Overall the new Jane Cosmetics is a good, budget-friendly brand that has managed to offer cruelty-free cosmetics. Jane Cosmetics are available on the brand’s website and Ulta Beauty.

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