Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clairol made an official announcement on Oct. 7 that James Corbett is the new Clairol Color Director! James is the owner and lead colorist at the James Corbett Studio in New York City, which opened in May 2012 and brought organic into the minds of the masses that visit the upscale salon.

Training with the best colorists in the business including Frederick Fekkai and Louis Licari, James has been perfecting his coloring craft for over sixteen years. With an understand that the correct color can uplift and inspire women, James intends to share his tips, tricks and techniques to make amazing hair color easily achievable.

From Clairol’s perspective, the brand shares the same philosophy of making it easy to achieve hair color “confidence,” as in confidence that the color we choose is going to make us look great. And by teaming up with James, who brings his passion for creating “walking, wearable art” for women, Clairol intends to make Fall 2013 hair color hot, beautiful, and achievable at-home. Readers, check back for a TME exclusive with James Corbett!

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