Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection is finally here

As expected, yesterday Oct. 1, CoverGirl launched “The Beauty Rebellion” via the Capitol Collection. The highly anticipated collection did not fail to impress both beautynistas and “Hunger Games” fans. As previously reported by The Makeup Examiner, CoverGirl also released additional “District” looks yesterday. Currently, you can catch the how-tos for Districts 3 (Technology), 8 (Textiles), 5 (Power), 12 (Mining), 1 (Luxury) and 4 (Fishing) at the Capitol Beauty Studio.

The beauty odds are totally in our favor with the on trend colors included in the Capitol Collection, which includes lip glosses, nail polishes, nail decals, and mascara, and all of which were used on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” set. Yes, the products that were used in the movie are the ones that were launched in stores on Oct. 1! The Capitol Collection begins with Flamed Up Mega Curl mascara ($5.99) that offers a mega lash look via the “curl igniter” brush and is smudge resistant.

While the District looks may be over the top for your daily beauty, the Capitol Collection isn’t. With a full dose of perfect “Panem-glam,” the Capitol Collection is ideal for integrating this season’s metallic trend into your beauty regimen without going over the top. The Makeup Examiner isn’t a “shimmer” woman, but the Capitol Collection’s Lipslicks Smoochies Sizzle glosses ($5.99) are a lovely avenue for TME to enjoy the season’s trend.

Of course, most beautynistas are going to be hyper over the nine limited-edition nail lacquers ($2.99) and six Catching Fire-inspired decal overlays ($6.99). Suitably named “Inferno,” “Pyro Pink,” “Sulfur Blaze,” and “Seared Bronze,” (to name a few) the lacquers capture attention for fall/winter and complete a look for any “Hunger Games” gal. The Capitol Collection nail decals offer versatility and ease for those that are seeking to punch up their nail look.

As stated above, CoverGirl has released looks for six Districts. Release dates for further Districts are as follows: Oct. 3 - District 2 (Masonry), District 6 (Transportation), and District 10 (Livestock). Oct. 7 - District 7 (Lumber), District 9 (Grain), and District 11 (Agriculture). The CoverGirl Capitol Collection is available online and at mass retail locations nationwide.

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