Monday, October 28, 2013

Waxelene Teams Up with HoneyColony to Bee the Change

Waxelene announced today, October 28 that it has teamed up with HoneyColony to raise money to help save the honeybees by selling HoneyColony’s “Bee the Change” t-shirts ($24.99).

HoneyColony was founded to bring together people and companies who are interested in adopting healthy lifestyles and want to help each other cut through the hype and claims of natural products and remedies. This community, referred to as “the hive”, includes leading health experts, top-notch journalists, companies that uphold these values (like Waxelene) and like-minded people looking for a trusted source of information and inspiration.

Waxelene will give all proceeds from its Bee the Change t-shirt sales back to HoneyColony who is currently earmarking a portion of the money raised through t-shirt sales for The Pollination Project, a non-profit organization that gives $1000 per day in grants to projects that change the world. For more information or, visit the Waxelene website

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