Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bizarre Beauty Gadgets

Cosmetology Historical Society
Perusing the Internet one will find a plethora of oddities, but one site in particular, “Japanese Trend Shop,” is a one-stop freak shop of the bizarre. Perhaps at first sight (mainly the price tag) the bizarre beauty gadgets that The Makeup Examiner has discovered may seem like a good idea, but they gadgets look painful and the creams seem dangerous. From nose clips to nipple lightening cream, oh … the lengths that some will go to serve their vanity.

Beginning with the “Hana Tsun Nose Straightener,” which claims to give you a straighter nose after wearing it for 20 minutes a day, the gadget looks rather uncomfortable to use and actually seems kind of dangerous. After slipping the clip into your nostrils, supports on either side claim to help balance and push up the bones and contours of your nose, leading to a straighter shape. The device is touted as an alternative to plastic surgery!

Any “Ally McBeal” fan who remember Elaine’s “Face Bra”? Well you too can own a face bra in the form of the “Hourei Lift Bra,” which is a band that slides over the back of your head and then the frame fits onto your nose, applying gentle pressure to your cheeks! The device promises to get rid of those nasty laugh lines and all you have to do is walk around with this rubber banded device, do a few mouth exercises and … viola … no more laugh lines.

A couple of the more humorous devices come in the form of gadgets like the “Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer” and the “Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece,” which look more like great devices to um … quiet a highly talkative person. Probably the creepiest looking device is the “Facewaver Exercise Mask”. This particular gadget, made from what looks like an ace bandage, promises to give users a more youthful and energetic look. The Makeup Examiner thinks that the “energetic look” is geared more toward any person viewing the “Facewaver Exercise Mask” as it looks more like the ace bandage version of “Hannibal Lector’s” mask!

Rounding out the oddities is “Pinky Queen Top Pack”. A cream “with a faint rose fragrance” that is guaranteed to lighten your nipples, because anal bleaching isn’t weird enough! The product is available for shipment to the US, although the instructions are in Japanese … but, no worries as the website states, “Instructions: Japanese (but easy to apply)”!

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