Friday, November 1, 2013

Duke Cannon Supply Company Review For The Guys

From The Makeup Examiner’s official start of the holiday shopping season, today Nov. 1 through to the end of the holiday celebration season … somewhere around Jan. 4, The Makeup Examiner will be bringing beautynistas (and suavies) amazing gift giving suggestions and holiday looks. To kick off the holiday shopping season, TME brings to you the Duke Cannon Supply Company … a man’s man brand and their Big Ass Brick Of Soap!

The Duke Cannon Supply Co. launched on Veteran’s Day 2011 and when Duke Cannon approached The Makeup Examiner for a review, she was uh … a little taken aback. Duke Cannon Supply Co. is not your typical men’s grooming brand and Duke let’s you know it! Peruse the Duke Cannon website and you will quickly learn that the brand is geared toward the guy that simply wants a man’s product versus “girly-girl” stuff dressed up for men. From soap (that is 3 times the size of most bar soaps) to shampoo and shaving cream, the brand has field-tested their products with active duty US soldiers versus animals, so cruelty-free is a major plus and all products are made in the USA.

The Makeup Examiner “field-tested” tested Duke’s products with her always-hesitant housemates who were sold on Duke Cannon Supply Co. products and the Duke Cannon persona. While TME imagines that some may be put off by the brazenness of the brand, peel back the layers and you’ll see a brand that is all American and definitely not misogynistic. Launching with the Big Ass Brick Of Soap, available in five scents, the soaps are triple milled, long lasting and smell amazing. While Duke may cringe, The Makeup Examiner has to share that the scents are lady-friendly, as in TME used them too because each scent is clean and refreshing.

Big Ass Brick Of Soap ($6.99 10 oz) scents:
  • Victory – Seagrass
  • Productivity – Mint to wake you up!
  • Naval Supremacy – Ocean
  • Accomplishment – Bergamot and Pepper
  • Heavy Duty (with Pumice) – Citrus

Apparently after having mastered soap for men, the Duke Cannon Supply Co. moved on to include Superior Grade 2-in-I Hair Wash ($9.99 10 oz) that is available in Hard Working Clean and Thickening formulas, both of which have a fresh and clean scent and both were reported by my housemates to work really well. Aside from working as they should, Superior Grade 2-in-I Hair Wash is sulfate and paraben free! The Makeup Examiner did not have an opportunity to have her guys test out Superior Grade Shave Cream ($7.99 5.5 oz), as it wasn’t available for testing, but TME is confident that this Duke Cannon Supply Co. product will be just as superior as the others.

Duke Cannon Supply Company is offering an amazing gift for guys just in time for the holidays! A Limited Edition US Military Field Gift Box ($45) that includes all five of the Big Ass Brick Of Soap scents encased in an authentic, military field box. Duke Cannon Supply Company is committed to US Veterans and donates a portion of all products sales to veteran causes. Duke Cannon Supply Co. products are sold at the brand’s website and select retail outlets.

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