Monday, December 9, 2013

Men’s Winter Hair Care Tips From Aussie Celebrity Stylist, Sarah Potempa

Men, just like women, face their fair share of bad hair days during the winter months. So, why shouldn’t our guys get great advice on how to keep their manes looking healthy and handsome? On Saturday, Dec. 7, The Makeup Examiner turned to Aussie Celebrity Stylist, SarahPotempa for easy “how-tos” on how to conquer everything from hat hair to frizz. Ladies if you’re feeling left out, Sarah assures that these tips can work for you too!

Sarah Potempa Courtesy of Aussie
Sarah offers that great winter hair care begins in the shower. For the guy who wants a quick and easy way to get great hair, the Aussie Men Care Collection has just the right solution. Made specifically for conditioning shorter hair that is dry and frizzy, Aussie Moist 2N1 and Aussie Men Daily Clean 2N1 will leave hair smooth.

In the shower:

  • Hair tends to get extremely dry in the winter, so the Aussie Moist 2N1 and Aussie Men Daily Clean 2N1 are perfect for getting hair clean but also giving it the extra conditioning that it might be craving, all in one step. The conditioner helps to add more weight to the hair so it will be less poufy but can also help condition a dry scalp, which is a winter hair issue that a lot of people face!
  • For guys, and girls, with longer hair, bring a wide toothed comb into the shower and comb the 2N1 through the hair to distribute evenly and leave hair smooth from root to tip.
Of course, there’s a bit to do out of the shower too. Great style shouldn’t require a lot of hard work. Take control and tame your mane with Aussie Men Texturizing Wax.

Out of the shower:

“I love the Aussie Men Texturizing Wax for both guys and girls to combat winter hat hair,” says Sarah.

  • Aussie Men Texturizing Wax has a great flexible hold that helps lift the hair and maintain volume while also giving your style definition and taming frizz. A little goes a long way. Apply a pea-sized amount and distribute throughout your hair.
  • Coming back inside after a wintery mix can mean bad news for hair! I recommend spraying hair with the Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and then blow-drying with a paddle brush. This can help to revive dry and damaged hair and also bring your style back to life.
Aussie Men's Hair Care Line - Courtesy of Aussie
Readers can find more of Sarah’s favorites at Aussie and Aussie hair care products are available at mass retailers nationwide.

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