Monday, December 30, 2013

Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection Preview For 2014

Courtesy of OPI
Nicole by OPI has collaborated with six-time Grammy winner, Carrie Underwood to launch 14 nail lacquers inspired by Carrie. The collection features a beautiful mix of colors and textures that are as diverse as the singer herself.

While many of us rolls our eyes each time a celebrity “collaborates” with a beauty brand, this collection in one where the celebrity actually worked with OPI! The Carrie Underwood Collection will also be the first to feature the new Nicole logo. So, what’s in store for fans? A stunning limited-edition nail lacquer collection that is completely reflective of Carrie’s personality.

The Carrie Underwood Collection includes:
  • Carrie’d Away - Carrie’s own gold record signature shade!
  • Lips are Dripping Honey- A multi-gold glitter
  • Southern Charm – A charming nude shade
  • Sweet Daisy – Pretty peach
  • Carnival Cotton Candy - Spun sugar pink … just like cotton candy
  • Goodbye Shoes - Funky gray-green
  • Backstage Pass - Brown with purple nuances
  • Sing You Like a Bee – Stunning frost
  • Party Bus – Party perfect confetti glitter
  • Love My Pups - Sweet baby pink
  • Color Me Country - Hot pink
  • Some Hearts - Coral
  • American as Apple Pie - Classic red
  • Fisher Queen - Eggplant

The limited-edition Carrie Underwood Collection for Nicole by OPI will be available January 2014 at massretailers across the US ($7.99) and Canada ($10.99). Nicole by OPI, and Carrie Underwood, fans can visit the brand’s Facebook page for interesting details and offers.

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