Monday, January 20, 2014

New Online Marketplace Opens For Beauty Box Swaps

Many beautynistas subscribe to one, or more, beauty box services and often those monthly beauty boxes contain an item that simply won’t work for the subscriber’s specific beauty needs. Casey Casterline is just such a beautynista who continually experienced this issue and today, Jan. 21, she and partner Jon Katz launched eDivv to solve the problem.

eDivv is the first online marketplace where users can swap their beauty box samples. For those that have new, but unwanted sample beauty products, eDivv offers a free marketplace to negotiate and trade products. The site facilitates the swapping of new beauty items through an interactive, negotiating-like platform.

Users sign up with site, upload photos and a description of their beauty products and then can begin to trade or “divvy” as it’s referred to. Once a divvy request has been received, users have the option to accept, counter by asking for a different product or decline the request. The site breaks down beauty categories into makeup, fragrance, skin care, hair, body, nails, tools, and accessories that make for convience when looking to swap for a specific product.

Obviously the swapping concept isn’t new, as all one has to do is head over to Reddit or Facebook to find places to swap beauty products. However, as The Makeup Examiner has previously written, these are not necessarily the safest avenues to swap beauty products.

eDivv allows users to adequately post products to their page, search for products of interest, negotiate potential trades, and rate their trading partner’s reliability at the completion of a trade. The rating system allows others to gauge the reliability of a specific user. For more information, or to sign up, visit eDivv.

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