Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gothic Lolita and Rockstar Wigs Launch ‘Doll-Look’ Cosmetic Line

The unconventional team of Charles and Jennifer Reger, who are also the couple behind Gothic Lolita and Rockstar wigs, have expanded their styling into the cosmetics market. The duo’s new offering, Dolluxe Cosmetics, is an expansion of their Lolita Fashion style wigs. Inspired by Japanese street style, Dolluxe invites the freak show to continue.

Charles Reger explains that, “When speaking to customers about what they wanted in a new line of cosmetics, many said they wanted the look of movie stars Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe with their flawless light complexions.” Reger continued with, “Most of today's market [tries] to sell products that make women appear tan or darker, when what they really want is that beaming look of the silver screen.”

The line consists of multiple styles of false eyelashes designed to make the eye pop into a “doe-eyed cutesy appearance”:

  • Lashing Out Loud - dynamic false lashes with a short, natural layer and six longer pieces designed to set off your eye and show up with any makeup, lighting, or style
  • Harajuku Honey - stunning side-swept lash with shorter lashes for the inner eye turn to longer lashes that frame the eye
  • Born to Flirt - designed to match perfectly with your natural lashes, it elongates them by adding extra, longer layers
  • All Dolled Up - features lashes in varying length to give you a red-carpet ready look every time
  • Wishful Winking - unique strip lash with a shorter band that is designed to be worn at the end of the lash line for a dramatic, doll-like effect
  • Whiplash Attack's - beautiful look is made with slightly spaced, side-swept lashes that create a glamorous effect that blends perfectly with and elongates your natural lashes
  • Underlash A - a unique strip bottom lash, designed to be worn in either direction
  • Underlash B - a striking strip bottom lash designed to complement your eye shape, with longer, thicker lashes offset by shorter ones
Reading the eyelash description and viewing the photos, it’s unclear how Dolluxe meets the needs of a customer’s desire to emulate Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe or the stars’ flawless light complexions. Furthermore, the market is far from dominated by products “that make women appear tan or darker” and perhaps Reger needs to conduct legitimate market research prior to pulling statements out of the air. Anyway, for those that desire the doll-look, visit the Dolluxe site.

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