Saturday, February 22, 2014

Root Vanish Offers An Organic Solution For Saying Goodbye to Gray!

Anyone who consistently colors their hair knows that you have to keep up with the coloring or look like a skunk. You also know that it isn’t always convenient to get to the salon. Master colorist, Kazumi Morton of celebrity hair destination Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills and Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, knows this too.

Kazumi has a laundry list of celebrity clients like Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Stewart, Lisa Kudrow, and Christina Applegate, and although she’s based out of Los Angeles, Kazumi flies back to the East Coast every six weeks to care for her New York clients. But, when one is in need of a touchup and the colorist is on another coast, it can be problematic.

Seeking a solution to her clients’ request to find a roots and grays touch up colorant that will carry them over from one appointment to the next, Kazumi collaborated with Kiwabi and recently launched a product called Root Vanish. Packed with over twenty-two hair and scalp strengthening organic extracts, the product manages to cover gray and leave hair soft! The treatment color instantly veils all types of hair, including grays -- thick or damaged -- and leaves no sign of sticky, oily, hardened residue, or a nasty smell.

Utilizing Japanese knowledge the product is geared toward solving the specific issues of root and gray touch up and accomplishes that task without damaging the hair … actually leaving the hair healthier! Root Vanish ($48) is available in four buildable shades, Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black, and is a must-have for any woman on the go. Root Vanish is available at Kiwabi and Amazon.

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